Zona Shiba
Zona Shiba
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Shiba was the infant daughter of the Ambassador of Zad and his wife who were visiting Homnibus with the new concept of Algebra, a new way of thinking. Shiba was teething (at the same time Baby Smurf was) and kept screaming in pain. When Johan and Peewit arrived, the former offered to go back to the castle to get help from Dame Barbara for Shiba's problem, leaving Peewit behind to entertain her. Shiba was kidnapped by Lord Balthazar's henchmen to ransom her for the Emerald the Ambassador had in his possession. Leaving her in the Tooth Fairy's cave, they fled the Ambassador's men while little Shiba was comforted by the Smurfs who were in the cave with Baby, with whom Shiba became fast friends. Baby Smurf was able to solve the algebra problem on the Tooth Fairy's Iron Door and she was freed, and blessed Shiba and Baby Smurf with white teeth and long lives, putting an end to their teething pain. Her father, relieved to find her safe discovered she had a tooth, was confused when Peewit noticed on the ground the Algebra that he had explained to Homnibus, wondering how that came to be there.

Appeared in: The Moor's Baby

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