OccupationKing of the gods
First AppearanceSeason 9 ("The Smurf Odyssey")
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Zeus is a character who appears in the cartoon show episode "The Smurf Odyssey". He is the king of the gods on Mount Olympus, the father of Hermes and the husband of Hera. In the episode's story, his son must embark on a quest to prove himself worthy of being a god. His wife Hera says the Smurfs qualify to accompany Hermes on the quest, as Olympian law says godly candidates are not to be with any other gods while they are on their odyssey, and the Smurfs are mortal. Zeus finally agrees to this, and should they succeed, he will compensate them by properly assembling the time crystals so they could return to their own time in Smurf Village.

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