Flowerbell Alt
Flowerbell, a woodnymph
Race TypeHumanoid
ExistenceReal in-universe
ResidenceSmurf forest
First AppearanceSeason 2
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Woodnymphs are female humanoid beings the same size as Smurfs that have wings that enable them to fly. They are usually charmers who like to persuade others through their hearts into doing what they want, even if that includes marrying them, in order to achieve a goal.

In "Papa's Wedding Day", the Smurfs met Flowerbell, who was a woodnymph working for Lord Balthazar who wooed the heart of Papa Smurf to the point where he wanted to marry her, all for the purpose of having him captured. Flowerbell, however, realized Papa Smurf's selfless behavior acting on her behalf and helped the Smurfs rescue him.

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