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Title Translation of
Wild About Smurfette
FrenchPour les beaux yeux de la Schtroumpfette
SpanishLoco por Pitufina
GermanWild nach Schlumpfine
ItalianPazzi per Puffetta
DutchWild op Smurfin

"Wild About Smurfette" is a Season 7 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


It is a bright new day in the Smurf forest, and as Wild wakes up to start off his day, he notices that his squirrel companion Chitter has found a female mate for himself, which makes Wild wonder as he also notices a pair of birds in love. Then he sees a group of Smurfs heading off to a picnic, with Smurfette doing the heavy work of carrying the basket. Wild swings down to lend Smurfette a hand by carrying it himself, which makes her glad that at least there's one Smurf who can act like a gentleman.

At the picnic, a group of Smurfs compete against each other in a sack race, doing their best to hop toward the finish line when Wild beats them to it, making Smurfette pleased with him and the other Smurfs displeased that he has beaten them in five races. As the Smurfs contemplate on which race they should do next, a bog goblin emerges to send the Smurfs running for safety. Smurfette falls to the ground and almost becomes a bog goblin meal when Wild swings down to wrap the creature up in a vine. Smurfette proudly proclaims Wild her hero, while the other Smurfs watching see him as a show stealer.

Back at the village, as Papa Smurf warns his little Smurfs to stay away from the ponds to avoid other bog goblins, Smurfette is still casting eyes at Wild while the other Smurfs are jealous of the attention he's getting from her. Later on, Smurfette steps out of her house to find it completely covered in flowers, making her wonder who thought of doing such a thing until she notices Wild hanging around nearby. She realizes that he's the one who decorated her house with flowers and so willingly offers to spend the day with him, which only makes the other Smurfs watching all the more jealous.

Around dinnertime, Papa Smurf is wondering where Smurfette is, since it's not normal for her to miss a dinner, or even three of them in a row. The other Smurfs say that she's been spending her time -- all her time -- with Wild, and now they want to see what the two of them are doing together. Papa Smurf tries to tell them that it's wrong to snoop on other Smurfs, but instead of listening, the other Smurfs spy on Wild and Smurfette as they are busy with dressing up Wild's tree house. As they hear Smurfette say after looking at the touches she has made in his living space that she could be comfortable living there, the other Smurfs assume that Smurfette plans on leaving the village. They conspire to come up with a plan that will make Smurfette change her mind.

The next day, as Smurfette leaves her house to collect flowers, Handy almost blockades her path by dropping a load of lumber on her doorstep, saying that he's planning to build a porch for her, but Smurfette easily hops over and proceeds onward, saying that she has a date to pick flowers with Wild. Then Painter intercepts her by presenting her with a new painting he made of her called Blue Girl that he wants to hang in her house, but Smurfette says she'll do it later. Then Brainy attempts to stop Smurfette by presenting her with a new book he has written about her, but she also brushes him off. Clumsy even tries to do the same with a collection of rocks, only to trip over and cause them to pelt Smurfette and Brainy.


Fortunately, Wild shows up to take Smurfette away to the day they have planned together. But Wild couldn't have come at a much better time when they hear the sound of a bog goblin nearby. The other Smurfs try to warn her to stay home for her own safety, but Smurfette feels rather secure having Wild nearby to protect her, even hoping the bog goblin would show up so Wild can send him back to the bog. This makes the other Smurfs feel like they need to prove to Smurfette that they can take care of a bog goblin just as easily as Wild can.

As Handy, Painter, and Brainy are busy building their various traps in the forest to catch a bog goblin, hoping to be the one that will attract Smurfette's undivided attention, while Clumsy serves as a watchman, Wild and Smurfette pass by overhead to warn them about the bog goblin. They think that Smurfette thinks of them as being "scaredy Smurfs", but soon a bog goblin emerges to scare them right into one of their traps. Wild then leaps into action to distract the bog goblin, only to get caught into another trap, which leaves only Smurfette to bravely confront the bog goblin. But as she swings around on a vine, she ends up landing on the ground with nobody to save her from the goblin. She throws her backpack of flowers at the bog goblin, which causes him to sneeze and to fall into the third trap set for him. As the Smurfs cheer for Smurfette, Brainy proudly says that it's his trap that finally worked, which makes Handy tell Brainy to "shut [his] trap".

Back at the village, Papa Smurf wanted to know why the four Smurfs would not heed his warning to stay away from the bog goblin. Handy says that they only wanted to keep Smurfette from leaving them, which makes her wonder why she would ever do a thing like that. Clumsy says that it's because she's been spending so much time with Wild, but Smurfette quells their fears by saying she loves every Smurf, including Wild, and that she's only been spending time with him just to keep him company while Chitter was away.

Then soon Chitter appears in the village to direct them to the squirrel's nest, where his female mate is. They follow, and in the nest they see a litter of baby squirrels with her. Chitter has become a father, and now Wild will have his hands full helping the new father raise his family!


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