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Weepy Smurf
Weepy Smurf
Voice ActorMona Marshall
UniverseComic Books
Cartoon Show

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Weepy Smurf (original French name Schtroumpf Pleureur) is a Smurf who cries at the drop of a hat. He is constantly seen holding a handkerchief. He was voiced by Mona Marshall.

In his debut episode "Crying Smurfs", Weepy was thought by Papa Smurf to have died; in fact, he was kidnapped by Gargamel, who attempted to use him in a soup, but was rescued by Hefty, who learns that even a tough Smurf like him isn't too tough to cry.

Weepy always feels sorry if he makes a mistake or ruins something. One time he even felt sorry for Gargamel.

While most assume Weepy only appears in "Crying Smurfs", he also appears in a few Season 7 episodes (such as "Crooner Smurf", "Smurf On The Wild Side", "Smurfette Unmade" and "Chlorhydris' Lost Love"), but has a different voice actor who is unknown.

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