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Title Translation of
Wedding Bells For Gargamel
FrenchLe Mariage de Gargamel
SpanishCampanas de boda para Gárgamel
GermanHochzeitsglocken für Gargamel
ItalianUn matrimonio per Gargamella
DutchGargamel stapt in het huwelijkbootje

"Wedding Bells For Gargamel" is a Season 3 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

The story begins with Gargamel looking through his books on his bookshelf when his mother pays an untimely visit, bringing along Madame Lavinia the marriage broker. She tells her son that she is arranging for him to be married, which makes Gargamel rather resistant to the idea, even as she tells her son to think about how happy his father was. Meanwhile, in a nearby castle, Andria is told by her father that she is going to be married so she should have her hope chest ready. Andria tells her father that she hasn't filled her hope chest yet. Her father tells her that she should get her hope chest ready soon or else her husband-to-be may refuse to marry her, which makes her wonder what she's going to do.

Outside the castle, Smurfette and Poet are busy picking flowers when they hear a voice crying. They turn to see that it is a human female named Andria, who explains her predicament to the two Smurfs. Smurfette and Poet offer to help fill her hope chest, but Andria says that her future husband is arriving in two hours. That has the two Smurfs rush off to the village, promising Andria that they will have her hope chest filled in no time.

Back in the Smurf Village, Papa Smurf is busy with an experiment when Brainy asks if there is anything he can do to help him. Papa Smurf gives Brainy the map of the forest that he can return to Hefty. While on his way, as Brainy studies the map, various Smurfs rush by him with things they have made for Andria's hope chest. Then Poet rushes out to meet Smurfette with his completed wedding poem, but on the way he bumps into Brainy. They both pick up their pieces of paper, but Brainy finds out that Poet must have taken the map of the forest by mistake.

Meanwhile, out in the forest, Gargamel's mother is still dragging her son along to his appointed marriage with the bride-to-be, the baron's daughter. Gargamel is still resisting the idea of being married, but Madame Lavinia tells him that his bride-to-be has a hope chest, and she hopes that it may contain something valuable that might interest him. As for the hope chest, Smurfette has completed her collection of items donated by the Smurfs that Andria can fill hers with, which makes her happy. As she goes to meet her husband-to-be, Smurfette sighs, wishing that she could be there to meet Andria's future husband.

At the castle, Andria and the baron wait in the courtroom as Madame Lavinia presents to them the future husband Gargamel. The wedding broker encourages Gargamel to say something to Andria, and all he asks for is the location of the hope chest. Andria watches fearfully as the evil wizard looks through it for something of interest, telling her father that she doesn't want to marry him. Madame Lavinia tells Andria that only Gargamel can call off the wedding. Then Gargamel does find something of particular interest: a map of the forest with the exact location of the Smurf Village. Although the baron at first assumes that Gargamel has no interest in marrying his daughter, the evil wizard ends up showing a change of heart with his discovery of the map and showers the young maiden with some affection. Madame Lavinia witnesses this and decides that the engagement is final, and the baron says that the wedding is now set for the following day. After Andria leaves the courtroom in tears, Gargamel's mother hugs her son, telling him that he has made her so happy.

Back in the village, Poet and Smurfette discover that the map to the Smurf Village has been taken in place of the wedding poem and that they must now visit Andria to get it back. Papa Smurf flies with the two Smurfs to the castle and visit Andria in her bedchamber, telling the young maiden that they must get back a map that slipped into her hope chest. Smurfette sees that Andria is crying, and the young maiden tells her that she has met her husband-to-be, and that soon she is going to be the bride of Gargamel. The three Smurfs realize that Gargamel is now after the hope chest so he could get the map to find the village, and they promise to help Andria stop her wedding to Gargamel if she would help them get the map back. Andria tells the three Smurfs the location of the hope chest, which is in the banqueting hall to be put on display for her wedding reception. Papa Smurf says that it's not too late, and quickly the three Smurfs spring into action.

Meanwhile, Gargamel slips out of his guest room, hoping to get his hands on the map so that he could sneak out of the castle, find the Smurf Village, and become a rich man without getting married. He finds the Smurfs in the banqueting hall trying to pick the lock to the hope chest so they could get the map first, and grabs Smurfette. Papa Smurf and Poet push the hope chest off the table and onto Gargamel's foot, causing him pain. As the three Smurfs vanish, the baron hears Gargamel in the banqueting hall and asks what he is doing there. He accuses the evil wizard of breaking into the hope chest, but Gargamel tries to tell the baron that it was the Smurfs trying to get in there, which makes the baron think that the wizard has gone crazy. He has Gargamel delivered back to his guest room with the warning that one more outburst from him means that the wedding is off. The three Smurfs see that the baron has taken the hope chest into his own bedchamber, and so they must wait until he unlocks it before they can get into the hope chest.

By morning, Madame Lavinia knocks on the baron's door, and he emerges with her telling him that the wedding is soon to begin and that Andria is barely able to contain herself. After the door opens, the three Smurfs slip into the bedchamber and try to open the hope chest again, but it is locked. With no time left before the wedding is about to start, Papa Smurf says that their next best hope is to stop the wedding or else Gargamel will get the map.

In the chapel, Gargamel waits for his bride-to-be as she is escorted down the aisle to the altar. Up in the rafters, the three Smurfs wait with Papa Smurf armed with acorns ready to throw at Gargamel. As the minister asks Gargamel if he will take Andria to be his lawfully-wedded wife, the evil wizard is then pelted with an acorn, which draws his attention to the sight of Papa Smurf in the rafters with what appears to be the map. Gargamel leaves the altar to give chase to the Smurfs, which makes the baron think that the wizard has gone mad. The three Smurfs lure Gargamel into the banqueting hall, where he crushes the dinnerware underfoot as he runs across the table before he lunges for the rope that pulls down the chandelier upon the baron and the minister, making the baron really upset at Gargamel. The wizard tries to explain himself as he unwraps what appears to be the map, only to be disappointed when he realizes that he was tricked with a blank piece of paper. Nevertheless, the baron is so furious at Gargamel with his actions that he now calls the wedding off.

In her bedchamber, the grateful Andria returns the map to the Smurfs, with Poet sighing at the thought that Gargamel couldn't put his greed aside in order to have a lovely bride, and Smurfette thinking that the evil wizard must be regretting what he lost out on. Meanwhile, Gargamel is being escorted home by his mother and Madame Lavinia, who is now expecting to be paid her commission for her hand in all this. Gargamel's mother promises that her son will pay, as she continues to slap him with her purse.

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