Water Harpies
Water Harpies
Race TypeAquatic Humanoid
ExistenceReal in-universe
ResidenceThe Sea
PopulationUnknown (only 3 seen)
First AppearanceSeason 5
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Water Harpies are a race of green humanoid women with fish-like traits that live in the sea and occasionally kidnap others. Water harpies have a queen who adores playful pets and has her subjects seek out any potential new pets to amuse her.

In the episode "All Work and No Smurf", two water harpies kidnapped the Smurflings and brought them to their queen. However, the queen was displeased with their lack of playfulness. The Smurflings were later saved by the Smurfs.

In "Land Of Lost And Found", Grandpa Smurf mentions that a happy harpy gave him his lost harp, although it is unknown if he is referring to a water harpy or a flying harpy.


  • Harpies were first mentioned in Greek literature and mythology, and were described as being bird-like humanoids, but the ones seen in the Smurfs are purely water dwellers.

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