Three Wartmonger hunters

King Bullrush
King Bullrush, the leader of the Wartmongers

Female Wartmonger
A female Wartmonger (right) with a male

Race TypeAmphibian humanoid
PopulationAbout 100 at the most
First AppearanceSeason 4
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

The Wartmongers are a species of beings that exist only in the Smurfs cartoon show. They are amphibious creatures that live in the region called Pussywillow Hollow. They are mostly male and live in a kingdom society ruled by King Bullrush. They hunt after the Pussywillow Pixies using bubble guns that encase their prey in bubbles and bring them back to the palace where they are put to work as slaves. Their bodies are usually covered with warts; thus a Wartmonger that doesn't have any warts is considered "wartless" and is usually looked down upon by other Wartmongers.

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