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Brainy, Grouchy, and Gutsy rapping to "Walk This Way"

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The track title "Smurf This Way" that appears in The Smurfs Dance Party directs here.

"Walk This Way" is a song originally written and performed by the rock band Aerosmith. It appears in The Smurfs movie as the song played by Patrick Winslow and the Smurfs through the Guitar Hero videogame they were playing (the version of which was performed by both Aerosmith and Run D.M.C.), using modified lyrics by the Smurfs themselves and culminating into a remix version of the Smurf song. A modified version of this song also appears in the playlist of The Smurfs Dance Party under the title "Smurf This Way".

The rap lyrics that appear in the movie go like this:

Smurfette sweetie is a classy kind of sassy
Little skirts climbing way up her knee
Not another single girl in the whole smurfing world
And I can't believe she's looking at me
It's a complete surrender to the power of her gender
So I close my eyes and make a wish
I just want to savor all her smurfberry flavor
So I smurfed her just a little kiss like this

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