Hug Muggers

"Happy Rape-A-Hug Day!!!"


"I hate being hug-raped!"

Hug Ambush

How Grouchy should have dealt with the situation

I personally feel for Grouchy on Hug-A-Smurf Day in the cartoon show episode "A Hug For Grouchy" because that particular holiday on the Smurf calendar is basically giving Smurfs permission to engage in what I would call "hug rape", and I'm not going to be afraid to call it for what it really is. It's just disrespectful, even if the holiday has some good intentions, and it just emphasizes the need for people to be able to say no to how they want to be touched by anybody.

As my response to this episode, I have created a fanfiction sequel called "The No Hug Zone" which is part of the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series that is available on the Smurfs Fanon Wiki and at Vic George's Imaginarium.

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