At last I watched the movie and I didn't like it. About the designs, Gargamel's puppet looks better than the "realistic" Papa Smurf (Smurfette is ugly as both puppet and CGI character). About characters, the only Smurf with a consistent characterisation is Clumsy Smurf; Papa Smurf is treated as if he was as immature as the other Smurfs, the Smurfs are exaggerated into singing at the drop of a hat (which wasn't the case even in the HB version), and they don't try to remain hidden in a strange land, even though they did in their own country, WTH? Characterisations get better after the "Guitar Hero" scene, though. At least Gargamel is funny. Not so exaggerated as in the HB version, yet still more abusive towards Azrael than the Peyo version. However, I find it an acceptable middle ground, and a well done Garg.

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