Several names seem to be placed just to fill the 100 gaps, and there are some Smurfs absent from the list who would appear in later albums (like Natural Smurf, and not counting those of later arrival like Wild Smurf). However, the list seems to not have been totally forgotten, since some characters who first appeared on this list would also later become characters either in the comics or the TV series (Pretentious Smurf was even retconned as King Smurf's former identity to get a place in canon). Funny that Clumsy Smurf, who already existed at that time, is absent (unless he's the same as Fool Smurf).

1 Papa Smurf

2 Common Smurf (not ordinary)

3 Ordinary Smurf (not common)

4 Moralizing Smurf (Brainy Smurf)

5 Sulky Smurf

6 Singer Smurf

7 Smurf who did not like the Singer Smurfs

8 Flying Smurf

9 Astonished Smurf

10, 11 Twin Smurfs

12 to 16 Quintuplet Smurfs

17 Greedy Smurf

18 Smurf with his smurf on fire

19 Injured Smurf

20 Laughing Smurf

21 Weepy Smurf

22 Acrobat Smurf

23 Exhausted Smurf

24 Amazed Smurf (not to be confused with the No. 9)

25 Smurf skillful at rolling

26 Harmony Smurf

27 Grouchy Smurf

28 Poet Smurf

29 Farmer Smurf

30 Cautious Smurf

31 Passerby Smurf (not to be confused with the Smurf board)

32 Lazy Smurf

33 Black Smurf

34 Black Smurf painted blue

35 Twister Smurf

36 Twisted Smurf

37 pretentious Smurf

38 Smurf fell on his Smurf

39 Enamored Smurf

40 Bewildered Smurf (not to be confused with the Nos. 9 and 24)

41 Watery Smurf

42 Smurf who has eaten too much of Sarsaparilla

43 Forward Smurf

44 Backward Smurf (Note that the backward is forward)

45 Flighty Smurf

46 Rude Smurf

47 Upset Smurf

48 Fool Smurf

49 Jokey Smurf

50 Surprised Smurf (not to be confused with the Nos. 9, 24 and 40)

51 Smurf from behind

52 Smurfobole

53 Hungry Smurf (no ears)

54 Thinker Smurf

55 Timid Smurf

56 Handy Smurf

57 Smurf on horseback

58, 59 Standard Smurfs

60 Interrogative Smurf

61 Exclamatory Smurf

62 Expectant Smurf

63 Dancer Smurf

64 Stunned Smurf (not to be confused with the Nos. 9, 24, 40 and 50)

65 Tuffy Smurf

66 Scaredy Smurf

67 Pointing Smurf

68 Snappy Smurf

69 Sad Smurf

70 Charitable Smurf

71 Sickly Smurf

72 Smurf disguised as Smurf

73 Vanity Smurf

74 Pilate Smurf

75 Nice Smurf

76 startled Smurf (not to be confused with the Nos. 9, 24, 40, 50 and 64)

77 Smurf blue with wrath

78 Smurf like any other

79 admirer Smurf

80 hefty Smurf

81 Break-feet Smurf

82 broken foot Smurf

83 Sloppy Smurf

84 Chatty Smurf

85 Smurf with his head near the cap

86 Barbershop Smurf

87 Stoic Smurf

88 Smurf who is always designated as a volunteer for the missions which no chance of return

89 Smurf happily leaving for work

90 blushing Smurf

91 to 93 Smurfs one behind the other

94 Smurf behind the others

95 Dazed Smurf (not to be confused with the Nos. 9, 24, 40, 50, 64 and 76)

96 Smurf suffering from hair loss

97 Smurf replacing another at short notice

98 Plaid Smurf

99 hébéphréno-catatonic Smurf

100 Hundredth Smurf

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