Tonton Placide Dupuis
Dupuis 1969 cover

Uncle Placid Papercutz
Papercutz 2014 English cover

Uncle Placid
Original titleTonton Placide
StoryPeyo and Gos
ArtworkPeyo and François Walthéry
Year of publication1968 (serialized),
1968 (album)

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"Uncle Placid" is the fourth story from the Benny Breakiron comic book series by Peyo. The story is written by Peyo and Gos, with artwork by Peyo and François Walthéry.

Plot Summary

Benny’s uncle has a very important job: he guards the treasury of a very tiny — but very rich — neighboring country. Uncle Placid has his work cut out for him, with thieves of every stripe always plotting to break in and steal the money, but he never expected a thief to try and steal the machines that make the money! While traveling back home with Benny during a school break with the printing plates on board, it looks like super-strong Benny might be the only one able to fend off a daring raid!

Publication and Other Media

  • 1968 - Serialized in Spirou magazine, issues 1555 to 1584.
  • 1969 - Album published by Dupuis.
  • 1997 - Album published by Le Lombard.
  • 2014 - Graphic novel, translated into English and published by Papercutz.

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