Tracker Cartoon
Tracker Smurf
Voice ActorKip King
First AppearanceSeason 2
UniverseCartoon Show
Smurfs Village Game

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Tracker (original French name Schtroumpf qui a du flair or Schtroumpf Traqueur) is one of the main characters of the Smurfs cartoon show, appearing primarily in the early seasons. He was a Smurf with a sense of smell that enabled him to track down various things like truffles, humans, his fellow Smurfs and basically anything else. He is easily identified by a red feather that he wears in his hat.

His character was voiced by Kip King.

Smurfs' Village Game

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Tracker smurf's checklist game in Smurfs' Village

In Smurfs' Village game for iPad, iPhone and Android, Tracker has a mini-game called "Tracker's Scavenger Hunt" for players to complete tasks and earn the XPs to increase the level's XP bar. And once the timer is up as Tracker's soup is finished, he leaves the village and will come back to the village again sometime later.

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  • Tracker's feather changes in different appearances. In the cartoon, Tracker has a red feather in his hat; however, his feather becomes white in Smurfs' Village.
  • Tracker is not the only Smurf to have a British accent, as Sweepy and Marco in the cartoon show and Vanity in the 2011 Smurfs movie have similar accents.
  • Tracker along with Hunter Smurf are the only Smurfs to have a feather in their hats.

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