The unicoolait giant
The Unicoolait Giant
Also Known AsReal name unknown
First AppearanceThe Legend Of The Butter Mountain
UniverseThe Legend Of The Butter Mountain

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The Unicoolait Giant is an unnamed character that appeared in the 1963 short story "The Legend Of The Butter Mountain", and is actually the mascot of the Unicoolait company. He is a blonde, friendly and rather handsome giant who carries a magical metal bottle which can pour an unlimited amount of milk or butter, both of which are of course dairy products. (NOTE: the story has no official ties to the Smurfs franchise, other than they share the same artist (Peyo), as well as the character Sagratamabarb who is a near lookalike cousin of Gargamel's, but the latter is not touched upon here.)

In the story, the giant visits a village being hit by a drought. He tries to befriend the villagers but they panic and flee, having never seen a giant before. Later, when the villagers find out that he has actually come in peace, they approach him about the problem they have. He agrees to help them and uses his magic bottle to pour some milk upon the dried ground around the village, miraculously turning it into grass. The drought finally over, the villagers rejoice and happily celebrate.

However, the sorcerer Sagratamabarb is jealous since the giant succeeded where he previously failed in ending the drought. He avenges himself by stealing the magic milk bottle, but the giant discovers this. That night, the giant visits the wizard's house while he is asleep and takes back the bottle, then uses it to pour plenty of butter onto his house as punishment for the theft. Soon, the butter buries Sagratamabarb's house, forming a mountain. Sagratamabarb digs himself out from under the butter mountain and decides to leave, never to return. The giant stays in the village, and with the villagers lives happily ever after.

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