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The Smurfs Hits 97

The Smurfs Hits '97 is an album featuring the Smurfs that was released in 1997.

  1. Wannabe A Smurf Star
  2. Smurfs Get Inside Your Head
  3. Smurf It Up
  4. The Smurfs Are Coming Home
  5. Keep On Smurfing
  6. The Smurf Drummer
  7. Get Yourself Smurfing
  8. Small Talk
  9. The Laughter Smurf
  10. Ooh...Aah Smurf A Little Bit
  11. Smurfing Down The Highway
  12. Smurf Billy Rock, Smurf Billy Roll
  13. Smurf Macarena
  14. The Only Way
  15. Your First School.

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