Smurfs Halloween
The Smurfs Halloween
Year of publication2010
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The Smurfs Halloween is a mini-comic album which was published by Papercutz in 2010.

Plot Summary


The Smurflings are out in the forest eating apples being grown on a magic tree guarded by a witch who comes out and finds them trespassing. She tries to turn the Smurflings into pumpkins, but they manage to escape before her spell takes effect. They soon run into Farmer Smurf's cart full of pumpkins and ask if they could use some of them for Halloween masks, which he allows. Soon the Smurflings do trick-or-treat on their fellow Smurfs: Smurfette, Grouchy, Jokey, and Greedy. Later on, they decide to get even with the witch and scare her by lighting jack-o-lanterns around her house, making her think that her spell actually turned the Smurflings into pumpkins. Then Gargamel pays a visit to the witch's home and she attacks him with a broom, thinking that it was he who had scared her with the pumpkins. But Gargamel sees one of the Smurflings and puts two and two together. After he informs the witch, the two of them summon the Halloween spirit Jack O'Lantern to go after them. However, instead of granting their request, Jack declares that he will carry off into the night the one responsible for calling his name. When neither Gargamel nor the witch will own up to being the one who summoned him, even try at playing the blame game, Jack with his magic turns Gargamel into a living pumpkin and causes the witch to have sausage links growing out of her nose. The Smurflings return to the village and celebrate with a Halloween party.

The Smurfs And The Little Ghost

On their journey to the Old Tower to have a picnic, Hefty, Greedy, and Brainy discover a little ghost hiding in a chest who is very sad because he isn't a scary ghost. However, when Gargamel goes to the Old Tower to look for Smurfs, he isn't so much scared off by the ghost as he is by Puppy. Nevertheless, the Smurfs cheer that the ghost has now become a scary ghost.

Publication and other media

  • The Smurfs And The Little Ghost originally appeared in the magazine "Schtroumpf".

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