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The Smurfs Greatest Hits

The Smurfs Greatest Hits - 18 Disco Party Hits is an album featuring the Smurfs that was released in 1998.

  1. Smurfy Girl
  2. Papa Smurf's Party
  3. We Like To Smurf It
  4. Slam Dunk Da Smurf
  5. Smurfs Are Back
  6. Keep On Smurfing
  7. Smurfhillbilly Joe
  8. I've Got A Little Puppy
  9. Don't Stop Smurfing
  10. True Blue
  11. Ooh...Aah Smurf A Little Bit
  12. Our Smurfing Party
  13. Roller Blade Smurf
  14. Hush Hush
  15. Smurf Macarena
  16. The Line Dance Smurf
  17. The Smurfs Are Coming Home
  18. Papa Smurf.

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