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The Smurfs & Co.: Spellbound
Game SystemMicrosoft Windows (Internet browser and Facebook account required)
Release Date2013
GenreSimulator, RPG
Number Of Players1

The Smurfs & Co.: Spellbound is the second game of The Smurfs and Co. series.


The Smurfs were enjoying themselves in the village until Gargamel made an accidental spell thanks to Azrael. Then the spell immersed into a cloud. The spell cloud cursed every smurf including Papa. But there was only one Smurf free to break the curse of the other smurfs. Unfortunately, the only Smurf can't uncurse Papa.

The Game

You will have to follow Papa's rules. Luckily, the potion Papa dropped is not cursed but in a weed. You will have to drink the potion. Then, you can talk to Papa and complete quests to receive extra rewards or to uncurse the other Smurfs.

The Smurfs to uncurse (order by level)

  1. Handy (level 1)
  2. Smurfette (level 2)
  3. Farmer (level 4)
  4. Miner (level 6)
  5. Greedy (level 8)
  6. Hefty (level 10)
  7. Wild (level 14)*
  8. Jokey (level 15)
  9. Lazy (level 16)
  10. Painter (level 18)
  11. Brainy (level 21)
  12. Clumsy (level 22)
  13. Vanity (level 25)
  14. Harmony (level 28)
  15. Baby Smurf (level 31)
  16. Papa Smurf (uncurse with Magic Stars)

An * means level to uncurse the area at minimal level in unknown.

Quests to uncurse the Smurfs (order by ordinal)

  1. Handy - Helping Handy
  2. Smurfette - Saving Smurfette
  3. Farmer - Freeing Farmer
  4. Miner - Mining out Miner
  5. Greedy - Got Greedy?
  6. Hefty - Rock Hard Hefty
  7. Wild - Where's Wild?
  8. Jokey - Joke's on Jokey
  9. Lazy - Waking Lazy
  10. Painter - Painter's Dilemma
  11. Brainy - Bribes for Brainy
  12. Clumsy - Claiming Clumsy
  13. Vanity - Vanity Insanity
  14. Harmony - Harmony's Band Camp
  15. Baby Smurf-The Baby and the Beaver

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