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You may be looking for the device that goes by this name.

"The Smurfomatic Smurfolator" was an episode that appeared in Season 4 of the Smurfs cartoon show.


The Smurfomatic Smurfulator Handys Nightmare

Handy's Nightmare.

The Smurfomatic Smurfulator Gargamel Hot Air

Gargamel plants his weed seeds.

The Smurfomatic Smurfulator Three Cheers

Three cheers for Handy!

The story begins inside Handy Smurf's nightmare. Handy says, "I must find the Smurfomatic Smurfolator. If I don't, it will mean the end of the Smurfs!". In the background, the Smurfs are shouting, "hurry Handy!" over and over. Handy is then confronted by a huge Smurfomatic Smurfolator machine. The machine is replaced by a human sized version of himself, along with the Smurfs chanting "hooray for Handy". Finally, Gargamel replaces the giant Handy - who torments Handy until he wakes up in his bed.

Discussing his dream over breakfast, Painter Smurf explains that his dreams tell him what to paint. Handy exclaims, "Yes, that must be it. My dream was telling me to smurf my masterpiece - the greatest invention in the history of smurfdom! If only I knew what it was..."

Meanwhile, a courier knocks on Gargamel's door. Gargamel opens the door to his castle and says, "a present from Mummy!". Mummy's note explains that she has enclosed "diabolical" seeds that will help Gargamel in his quest to rid himself of the Smurfs. Gargamel waters the seeds and suddenly, his castle is overrun with giant plant leaves! Gargamel resolves to scatter the "weed seeds" all over the forest, thus depriving the Smurfs of sunlight, and ensuring their destruction. Gargamel decides to use his old hot-air balloon to distribute his seeds.

Handy is giving permission to work on his machine from Papa Smurf. Handy begins re-creating the contraption he remembers from his dream. He goes about borrowing parts, without permission, from Hefty, Farmer and Greedy. At the same time, Gargamel begins seeding the forest until he is shot down by hunters.

Greedy Smurf begins to cook lunch. Greedy uses the stove, which releases smoke into his house - he's missing his stove pipe because Handy used it in his machine! Farmer leads a fire brigade to put out the "fire", which is revealed to by Farmer to be "just a lot of smoke!" The damage is done, though - huge weeds begin to grow out of Greedy's house now that the seeds have been watered.

Hefty, Farmer and Greedy confront Handy, who is completing his machine, and discover their missing parts are now part of the Smurfomatic Smurfolator. Papa Smurf joins the discussion but is interrupted by Painter, who wants to tell Papa about the huge weeds growing out of Greedy's house. It begins to rain, however, and all the Smurfs are forced to seek shelter on top of Handy's new machine. The massive rainstorm causes weeds to grow throughout the village. Though the Smurfs are safe on top of Handy's machine, the village is literally covered in weeds. Lazy accidentally pushes a lever that sets the Smurfomatic Smurfolator in motion - Handy's machine is finally revealed to be a giant weed whacker/lawnmower! Papa directs Handy to "mow" the village, then clean up the forest as well.

Gargamel walks through the weed encroached forest and says, "It worked, Azrael, just like Mummy said it would!" His jubilation is short-lived, however, as he encounters (and is nearly run over by) the Smurfomatic Smurfolator, which is ridding the forest of the giant weeds.

Papa proclaims, "three cheers for Handy" and the rest of the Smurfs say in unison "Hooray for Handy! Hooray for Handy! Hooray for Handy". Handy smiles and ends the show by musing, "It's like a dream come true!"

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