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Smurfic Games Comic Book
You may also be looking for the cartoon special of the same name, or the event featured in the special.

"The Smurfic Games" was a trade paperback comic book published by Peyo through Random House in America in the early 1980s.


The comic book contains two sections:

The Smurfic Games

A series of one-page vignettes set around the theme of Smurfs participating in various sports.

Smurf Of One And Smurf A Dozen Of The Other

A story with elements that became part of the cartoon special called "The Smurfic Games" and also part of "Romeo And Smurfette". See "Smurf Versus Smurf" for the plot summary.

Background Information

  • Both stories contained in this comic book were used as the basis for the Smurfs cartoon special called "The Smurfic Games" that was aired in 1984, with the division between Smurfs in the village being east and west instead of north and south as it is here in "Smurf Of One And Smurf A Dozen Of The Other".
  • Part of "Smurf Of One And Smurf A Dozen Of The Other" was also used as the basis for the cartoon version of "Romeo And Smurfette", where Papa Smurf and Gargamel switch physical appearances.
  • The story "Smurf Of One And Smurf A Dozen Of The Other", released under its original title Schtroumpf vert et vert Schtroumpf ("Smurf Versus Smurf"), is based on the real-life language division of the French and Dutch-speaking people in Peyo's native country of Belgium.

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