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Title Translation of
The Smurf Who Would Be King
FrenchLe Schtroumpf qui devient roi
SpanishEl pitufo que debería ser rey
GermanDer Schlumpf, der König sein wollte
ItalianIl puffo che divenne re
DutchDe Smurf die koning wilde zijn

"The Smurf Who Would Be King" is a Season 3 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


After reading a story about a king who ruled with fairness and kindness, Dreamy begins to fantasize about being a king, even to the point of walking around wearing Handy's machine cog for a crown and Tailor's purple cloth for a cape while carrying Farmer's hoe for a scepter, calling himself "King Dreamy the Smurf-Hearted". But Dreamy's fantasizing is cut short when Handy, Tailor, and Farmer retrieve their things from him. Undaunted, he goes out to where the S.S. Smurf II is docked wearing his captain's hat, continuing to pontificate there with only a few bear cubs listening to him nearby, when the wind causes part of the mast to knock Dreamy off the ship. Grabbing a rope, Dreamy accidentally releases the S.S. Smurf II from its dock and it starts to set sail downstream, with Dreamy still clinging to the rope crying for help. Soon both Dreamy and the ship go over the waterfall and then down into a whirlpool, Dreamy still crying out for help, when he ends up shipwrecked in a cavernous region that he has no idea where it is and no idea how to escape.

Soon he hears some chanting: pooka pooka pooka, oh wee oh. Fearfully, Dreamy goes to investigate when he falls into a hole and lands on a throne, greeted by a group of bear-like beings who are excited to see their "king" return. This leaves Dreamy confused, because he had no idea that these beings were waiting for him at all. They show him the statue they made of him which he broke in his fall and they restored, proving that they were waiting for him to return.

Dreamy meets the Pookies.

The bear-like beings, who call themselves Pookies, then search the wrecked S.S. Smurf II for the "secret weapon" that the custodian of the Pookies was asking about, the one their king promised to return with to defeat the Norf Nags. As Dreamy asks them whether they had the right king, the ground shakes and rocks fall from the ceiling. The custodian Gabby then tells him that was the Norf Nags who want more jewels. He is then taken to the mines where the Pookies work, saying that since Dreamy left, the Norf Nags have been demanding for more jewels or else they will destroy the Pookies. Back in the throne room, Dreamy tries to convince his unexpected subjects that he's not their king, nor does he have a "secret weapon" to defeat their enemies, when some loyal Pookies bring in his royal crown, cape, and scepter to adorn their king with. Dreamy decides to accept them and soon his subjects join in with his saying they make him look "absosmurfly smurfy", though one of them does wonder what "smurfy" means.

Soon, with Dreamy deciding to act like a king, he sees a big kettle dropping from a hole in the ceiling. Gabby the Pookie custodian tells Dreamy that they fill his every day with the jewels they mine for the Norf Nags, whom they have never seen but describe as being fearsome. Dreamy decides to ride up in the kettle to take a look at them, and so with Gabby along for the ride, Dreamy goes up and gets carried into the vast jewel repository by a machine that dumps them there. They find a fortress where the Norf Nags' quake-making machine is located, but soon they see a giant shadow speaking with a fearsome loud voice, telling them to thank the Pookies for another day's job well done. Another giant shadow appears, calling the Pookies fools. "And the more we shake them up, the harder they work," the first shadow bellows with such laughter. Dreamy realizes that that must be the Norf Nags, and as he and Gabby return to the cauldron, now empty, a message is sent with them: to deliver twice as many jewels or the quakes will never cease. This message makes the other Pookies scared, fearing that their realm will be destroyed by the quake-making machines. Gabby tells his fellow Pookies not to fear because their king is here to deliver them, but Dreamy, who was rather intimidated by the appearance of the Norf Nags, tells his subjects he needs time alone to think.

Out by the waterfall in the cavern, Dreamy dons his captain's hat again and wonders what he's going to do when a vision of Smurfette tells him that he must help the Pookies because they need him. Dreamy says he wants to help them, but he just doesn't have the courage. The vision of Smurfette reminds Dreamy that he does have courage and proves it by stating three situations where he showed courage: sailing aboard the S.S. Smurf II across a stormy sea, going through the tests of the Swoofs while visiting their planet, and even sailing away on Handy's kite. Dreamy realizes that she is right and decides that he will help the Pookies.

The Norf Nags as they appeared...
...and the Norf Nags as they really are

Back among the Pookies, Dreamy dons his royal attire once again and tells them that he has come with his "secret weapon" to help defeat the Norf Nags once and for all, and that their days of slavery are over. Riding up the kettle to where the Norf Nags were, Dreamy challenges them to show themselves, to which they respond by activating the quake-maker, taking it to its full height in order to destroy the Pookies. But Dreamy quickly enters their fortress and, instead of giant beings, he sees that the Norf Nags were just two rather weak beings no bigger than he is, using shadow casting and megaphones to make themselves sound big and fearsome. The Norf Nags, realizing that they have been exposed by the Pookies' king, give themselves up.

Soon, with the Norf Nags tied up, Dreamy is crowned with praises by the Pookies, saying, "All hail King Dreamy the Smurf-Hearted". Dreamy tells them that the only "secret weapon" he had was the one they all carried inside, which was courage. Gabby agrees, but then he accidentally activates the quake-making machine, causing a loud and powerful enough thump in the ground that it makes Dreamy hit his head against a shelf, knocking him out cold. But soon Dreamy finds himself awakened to the sound of Papa Smurf calling out to him, and finds himself back near the Smurf Village on board the S.S. Smurf II, all safe and sound. Dreamy tells Papa Smurf about his adventure about being a king, but Papa Smurf tells him that what he experienced was just a dream caused when the mast hit him in the back of the head.

Some of his fellow Smurfs call out to Dreamy to follow them back to the village. Dreamy briefly looks back and sees the bear cubs again by the riverside, but as he turns to head back to the village, he trips over and sees a crystal lying on the ground. He again hears Papa Smurf tell him that it was just a dream. But then Dreamy starts to wonder if it really was a dream.

Background Information

  • The episode title is an allusion to the Rudyard Kipling short story The Man Who Would Be King, which became a 1975 film.
  • This episode makes reference to three others: "The Astro Smurf", "The Last Smurfberry", and "Handy's Kite".
  • As to whether Dreamy's adventure actually happened, the only possible explanation comes from the "non-canonical" Smurf story "The Smurfs And The Magic Flute", where Homnibus uses a technique called "hypno-kinesis" which causes Sir Johan and Peewit to magically appear near the Smurf Village while also still being in Homnibus' hovel. But since in this story there's no wizard that causes Dreamy to fall asleep and appear in the land of the Pookies, this explanation is uncertain at best.
  • In the syndicated version of the episode, the part where Smurfette's vision in the waterfall shows Dreamy the past adventures he has been on has been edited out.

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