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Title Translation of
The Smurf Who Could Do No Wrong
FrenchL'Amulette du toujours-bien
SpanishEl pitufo que todo lo hacía bien
GermanDer perfekte Schlumpf
ItalianL'amuleto di Tontolone
DutchDe Smurf die niets fout kon doen

"The Smurf Who Could Do No Wrong" is a Season 7 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.



It was a beautiful sunny morning in the Smurf Village, as Clumsy walks out of his house with a great smile on his face while questions himself what can go wrong on a perfect day. But his cheery mood is short lived as he trips over a rock and bumps into Hefty, who drops his dumbbell as it rolls straight into Poet, which also causes him to throw his writing feather into the air which pricks Painter's bottom. This causes him to throw his purple paint cans onto Greedy's head and one of them sticks on his foot, which finally causes him to throw the cake he was carrying into Brainy's face.

Later Clumsy apologizes to his friends for the cause of the accident, but they all refuse to forgive him for being accident prone while Painter proclaims that all it takes is one step out of the house for Clumsy to turn the village into a disaster area, much to the agreement of the others. Then Papa Smurf arrives to tell them that Clumsy couldn't help it, and takes his klutzy little Smurf for a ride to Homnibus to do him good from any further accidents in the village. Clumsy feels much better as he thanks Papa for bringing him along for a ride in Feathers and hopes that he will be no trouble, as Papa tells him that he would never be as long as he is with him. Then as Clumsy notices the wizard's house, he accidentally falls out of Feathers, goes down through the chimney, and lands in the fireplace - covered in coal soot as he coughs. Homnibus sees the unexpected visitor, whom he thought was Papa Smurf, but in fact turns out to be Clumsy. Papa asks the wizard if there would be a way to help his little Smurf, as Homnibus thought up the way for him to use the Do No Wrong charm. He then kindly gives Clumsy the charm and tells him that as long as he use it, he will do things perfectly, much to his excitement.

Later that day, Hefty asks his friends if they would like to play smurfball with him, but they all refused his offer. Hefty wonders who would like to play the game with him when Clumsy, now wearing the charm, gladly offers to play with him. Despite Hefty's plea to take refuge, Clumsy shows him how he can bounce a ball perfectly without trouble and Hefty reluctantly accepts him into the game, but not on his team. Soon the game has begun and Greedy cheers on Clumsy's team, as Papa and the others are amazed at how Clumsy perfectly uses his goal skills and wins the game - much to the disappointment of Hefty's team as they stormed off. Clumsy, hardly noticing the jealousy he had caused, starts to think that he had never been too good for everything.

Meanwhile Grandpa and Brainy are playing a chess game, when Clumsy arrives to solve a problem on Grandpa's turn and it turned out to be a success to Grandpa's amazement and Brainy's disappointment. Then as Poet is writing his latest poem to Smurfette called "An Ode to Smurfette", he thought hard to come up with a verse comparison, but soon he gets a little help from Clumsy, which impresses Smurfette enough. However as Poet storms away in a huff, Clumsy is glad to have helped his friend - still unaware of the jealousy he had caused. Then Painter arrives with some paint cans to paint the ceiling of his house, when Clumsy offers to help him. Despite his plea to refuse, he reluctantly accepts his friend's offer after Clumsy tells him that he can cause no problem at all - now with the charm he wears.

Later Clumsy has finished painting the ceiling - without spilling a single drop, with Painter looking impressed at the marvelous effort his friend had put into the task. However, as Clumsy left the house, Painter then notices that his ceiling had now features some a painting of Papa Smurf in some clouds with angel Smurfs - which he doesn't like one bit. Then Brainy and the other Smurfs arrive to feel sorry for their friend, and came up with a plan to teach the perfect Smurf a lesson.

That night Clumsy falls asleep in his bed happily, while still wearing his Do No Wrong charm. As Brainy sneaks inside his house with a fake charm, Hefty quietly tells him to be careful. But then Brainy bumps into a shelf of Clumsy's rock collection, except without waking him up! Poet is stunned at the sight of Clumsy being a perfect sleeper, while Brainy manages to replace the real charm with a fake one on Clumsy's neck and walks quietly away. The next morning as Clumsy wakes up and got out of bed, he wonders which Smurfs will be needing his help that day when he trips over some planks from his shelf (which Brainy accidentally bumped into that night). He starts to feel curious of how it all happened, especially with a charm that to him didn't appear to be awake yet.

Meanwhile Papa and his little Smurfs are getting ready for gathering some herbs, when Smurfette wonders what is keeping Clumsy as Brainy's only response is that he might be late. Just as Clumsy arrives with a huge basket he is carrying, he trips over and throws the basket over Brainy's head! Papa asks him if he is wearing the charm with him, which Clumsy answers yes. Smurfette then ponders if it is just a fluke, as Clumsy thought so.

As the Smurfs arrive at the valley to collect some herbs, Clumsy was following behind with a huge basket and trips over a rock as the basket falls on his head. Papa then realizes that Clumsy's charm does not appear to be working at all, which Brainy responses that not even Homnibus' magic could make it Clumsy-proof, and Hefty agrees that Clumsy would be better off forgetting about the charm, to which Poet and Painter also agree. Then Smurfette notices that Clumsy has started to climb a mountain to gather some herbs on the top, as Papa worryingly warns him to be careful. But Clumsy tells him not to worry, as he still is wearing the charm (although he is not aware that it is a fake one). Painter then realizes that the charm Clumsy was wearing wasn't good, and Hefty tells Papa that they have switched charms the other night while Smurfette tells Brainy off, who was able to think of anything to say. But as Clumsy almost got the herbs, he falls off the mountain, right into the hawk's head and finally into some bushes. Papa and the others race off to see if Clumsy is all right, when the hawk flies out after them as they run for their lives.

It then grabs Papa's backpack by its claws, taking him up into the air - although Papa manages to take off his backpack and fall back to the ground where he is next to the other Smurfs who are all taking shelter. All except for Brainy, whose foot gets caught in some big rocks, as Clumsy could see that his friend is in trouble. He hurries off to rescue Brainy, as the hawk is about to grab him with its claws - only to narrowly miss as Clumsy rushes out just in time. Then as Clumsy is set to get Brainy's foot out of the rocks, Brainy tells his friend to save himself as the hawk comes back down from the sky to grab them. Brainy then confesses to him that the charm he was wearing is a fake one, while Clumsy thinks it did look real while flipping it over - causing it to reflect the sunlight into the hawk's eyes to make it blind, as it narrowly misses the two friends and collides into the mountain. Hefty and Painter congratulate Clumsy for having vanquished the hawk, as it now looks dizzy on the mountain. Finally they all manage to free Brainy from some rocks and head home.

Clumsy is still confused by the time they all got back, until Papa convinces him that the other Smurfs were jealous of him, which is why they took the real charm off of him. Hefty and the other Smurfs deeply regret their decision to do so and apologize to him for it, as Papa is set to give Clumsy his real charm back. But as he does so, Clumsy rejects this as he only wanted to wear it because he thought the Smurfs will like him - and he is sure that he is back as a clumsy, good for nothing Smurf again. However, Hefty and the other Smurfs tell him that when he rescued Brainy, he showed some incredible courage and resources, all without any magic to help him. Then Brainy is about to tell him that he hadn't seen so much bravery, only to be given a usual kick out of the village. In the end, Hefty and all the Smurfs give Clumsy three cheers, making him a really happy Smurf once more.

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