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Title Translation of
The Sky Is Smurfing! The Sky Is Smurfing!
FrenchLe ciel va schtroumpfer
SpanishEl cielo está cayendo
GermanDer Himmel schlumpft
DutchDe hemel staat in smurf

"The Sky Is Smurfing! The Sky Is Smurfing!" is a Season 2 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

Mount St Smurf

The mountain that has been giving Papa Smurf some troubles.

Off in the distance, in the mountain range far from the Smurf Village, a volcano awakens and starts to stir, spewing clouds of ashes into the sky during the night. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf is in his house, sneezing like crazy and realizing that he now has an allergy. The sneezing wakes up Brainy, who comes to see if Papa Smurf is all right. He tells the village leader not to worry about a thing because he will be there to help. Papa Smurf goes back to sleeping, hoping Brainy won't help too much.

By morning, Papa Smurf is looking through his books to see what he could be allergic to when Brainy comes in with a remedy for a cold, despite Papa Smurf trying to tell him that he doesn't have a cold. The remedy, however, gives Papa Smurf the chills, so Brainy goes and prepares another remedy for Papa Smurf, saying it will make him feel like a new Smurf. This remedy makes steam blow out of Papa Smurf's ears, and also makes him wonder what Brainy has prepared. Brainy gives Papa Smurf a list of ingredients like red peppers, green chili, and some hot spices before the village leader's next sneeze causes fire to bounce off the walls and toast Brainy's rear end, making him realize that he has made the remedy a bit too hot.

Outside Papa Smurf's house, the other Smurfs are seeing the ash clouds hovering over the village, wondering what they are, with Greedy suggesting that it has something to do with Papa Smurf's allergy. Hefty is willing to take Feathers up into the sky to find out and looks at his fellow Smurfs for any volunteers. Greedy, Clumsy, and Smurfette back out, leaving Scaredy as the only one available for Hefty to take along. Though Scaredy is rather reluctant, he bravely joins Hefty as they travel over the forest and follow the ash clouds to their point of origin. While Scaredy pulls the hat over his eyes so that he doesn't look down, Hefty sniffs the clouds above him and then sneezes, realizing that that must be what's making Papa Smurf sneeze. As they pass by the volcanic mountain, it starts spewing rocks, making Scaredy cry, "The sky is smurfing! The sky is smurfing!" Then a rock hits Hefty in the head, and Feathers is flying like crazy trying to avoid being hit.

The Smurfs looking at the ash clouds see Hefty and Scaredy approaching, but they soon duck for safety as Feather comes in for an erratic crash landing. Smurfette asks if they were both all right, and Scaredy answers that he is, but he doesn't know about Hefty. Clumsy asks if they have seen anything up there, and Scaredy says that "the sky is smurfing", which makes Greedy and Clumsy react in calm disbelief. Smurfette asks Hefty is "the sky is smurfing", and Hefty just says that something "smurfed him" in the head, which to Scaredy only confirms what he's trying to say.

At Papa Smurf's house, Brainy is bringing the last of Papa Smurf's books so that the village leader could find out what's causing the allergy when Scaredy runs in and knocks down the stack of books Brainy was carrying, saying that "the sky is smurfing". Brainy also reacts in disbelief and refuses to let Scaredy tell Papa Smurf about it, telling him to leave. After Scaredy leaves, Papa Smurf asks Brainy what Scaredy wanted, and Brainy simply tells him that it's nothing at all. Outside, Scaredy runs into Hefty again and asks if he believes that what he's been saying is true, and Hefty says that he doesn't know, that all he smurfed was a headache. Scaredy is then left saying that now nobody will believe him.

As the Smurfs continue to look up at the ash clouds, Hefty passes by him, and Tracker notices that his friend doesn't look very well. Greedy thinks that they should talk to Papa Smurf, but as they knock on his door, Brainy bars them entry, trying to tell them he's in the position of taking care of him. Then Brainy gets tossed out of the village, landing near Scaredy who again runs and yells, "The sky is smurfing!" As the Smurfs quietly sneak into his house and see Papa Smurf resting, Vanity is beginning to wonder if Scaredy was right all along.

Soon the volcano spews rocks again, and this time the ground rumbles, causing the Smurfs to wonder what's going on. Brainy tries to assure them that it's nothing but a little thunder. But then comes an explosion that wakes Papa Smurf up from his sleep. He goes to his window and sees that the volcanic mountain, Mount St. Smurf, is erupting -- the same mountain that caused his allergy 300 years ago. He goes out to tell his little Smurfs to evacuate the village, and as Harmony sounds the alarm, some of the Smurfs outside run for safety. Others, like Painter, Lazy, Greedy, and Brainy stay in the village, with Brainy not realizing until he says it that it's a volcano erupting . Finally, when rocks and fire rain down on the village, the rest of the Smurfs join Papa Smurf as he leads them to the caves where they will be safe (see censorship). Hefty is still in the village and still in a daze until he runs into Scaredy, and then snaps out of it and realizes that Scaredy is right and that they need to take shelter.

The Smurfs in the cave wait out the eruption until morning, and then return to the village to see that it's now in a terrible mess with lots of rocks and ashes covering it. Papa Smurf says they're fortunate that the village survived, but now his concern is whether all the Smurfs are accounted for. His little Smurfs say that they haven't seen Hefty or Scaredy, which makes Smurfette worried and willing to do anything for them if they would just show their faces. Brainy also agrees with Smurfette and goes to great lengths to show how much he will do anything for them when Papa Smurf notices Hefty and Scaredy emerging from a shelter in the ground. Scaredy scolds Brainy that he said that "the sky was smurfing" and that next time he should listen to his friend.

As the other Smurfs are busy with the cleanup and repairs to the village, Hefty and Scaredy are enjoying a delicious meal together with Brainy as their servant. He trips over himself as he tries to keep up with the demands of those whom he promised to do something for, and then taps the ground with the finger as though reconsidering his thought.


  • Brainy: Help! The Sky Is Smurfing! The Sky Is Smurfing!


  • In Latin America and Chile the scene Painter Smurf, Greedy Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Lazy Smurf and Papa Smurf affected by the eruption Mount St. Smurf were not shown for reasons unknown whose scenes were censored.