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Title Translation of
The Secret Of The Village Well
FrenchLe puits aux souhaits
SpanishSecreto del pozo de la aldea
GermanDas Geheimnis des Dorfbrunnens
ItalianIl segreto del pozzo del villaggio
DutchHet Geheim van de Wensput

"The Secret Of The Village Well" is a Season 4 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary


What is the secret wish Clumsy is making into the well that he doesn't want any Smurf to know about?

At the start of the story, Editor is peddling papers that announce that Greedy morning muffins are delicious, while every other Smurf is gathering around Greedy's kitchen window to get their morning muffins, preferring to experience them for themselves rather than just read about them. Clumsy, however, is gathered at the village well, hanging himself over it with his head in the well. Brainy asks what Clumsy is doing, and Clumsy answers that he is making a wish. However, Clumsy can't tell Brainy his wish because then his wish won't come true. Brainy thinks what Clumsy is doing is childish, and then he goes and tells the other Smurfs at the Smurf river bridge about it, which peaks their interest about what Clumsy's wish is.

Smurfette decides she will use her charm to get Clumsy to reveal the secret. She approaches him alone at the well and sweetly asks him, but Clumsy refuses to divulge. This gets the entire village to ask out of frustration, "What did you wish for, Clumsy Smurf?" Smurfette tries to get Papa Smurf involved in the matter, but Papa Smurf tells Smurfette it's Clumsy's right to keep his wish secret and that she should leave him alone. At suppertime, while all the Smurfs are busy discussing about Clumsy being at the well, Brainy asks Papa Smurf if he could use the books in the library, which Papa Smurf allows.

At Gargamel's castle, the evil wizard is ranting about having nothing but an old penny to his name and wondering what he could buy with it. He suggests that he could buy a wish with it, with that wish being that he could get his hands on the Smurfs and squeeze the life out of them. Both Gargamel and Brainy at the same time are reading books about wishing wells, with Gargamel reading the part about speaking the right words to make the Wishing Fairy make a wish come true. The only thing Gargamel doesn't have, though, is access to a wishing well.

Back in the village, Brainy goes out to the village well to speak to Clumsy camped out near it to tell him that he has good news and bad news: the good news is that Clumsy's waiting is over, and the bad news being that Brainy is compelled to tell Clumsy that his wish will never come true because he needs a penny in order for the Wishing Fairy to grant him his wish. Since Clumsy doesn't have a penny, Brainy suggests that he should pack up his tent, go to bed, and tell Brainy what he wished for. But Clumsy still won't tell anyone.

The next day, Clumsy goes to ask Papa Smurf about what a penny is, and Papa Smurf tells him that a penny is a human coin. Clumsy tells Papa Smurf that he needs a penny in order for the Wishing Fairy to grant him his wish, but Papa Smurf tells Clumsy that he doesn't have one. This makes Clumsy so sad that he won't join the other Smurfs in playing smurfball. Brainy, who is among the Smurfs playing smurfball, smugly tells the other Smurfs that Clumsy's wish won't come true because he doesn't have a penny. The other Smurfs decide that they should get him one. Hefty points out that only humans have pennies, and Smurfette thinks that Gargamel may have one.

That night, Gargamel studies the stars and deduces that the zenith of the Zodiac will triangulate with Mars right over the Smurf Village well, and so he heads out into the forest to find the well, carrying his old penny with him. However, Gargamel and Azrael crosses paths with the group of Smurfs heading toward Gargamel's castle, and soon they give chase, with Gargamel dropping his penny on the ground. Brainy sneaks out of the bush to grab the penny while the other Smurfs make their escape.

The next day, Brainy presents Clumsy with a penny that he can use to make his wish come true, which makes Clumsy really happy. At the village well, Clumsy recites, "Wishing Fairy, Wishing Fairy, here's my penny. Make my wish come true, or we won't have any," before dropping the penny into the well and the other Smurfs cheer. But as Gargamel in the forest rants about losing his penny, Papa Smurf scolds his little Smurfs about taking the penny that belongs to Gargamel and instructs them to return the penny to him by dropping it in a place where he can find it. To get the penny out of the well, Hefty goes down into it with Handy's diving helmet and fishes it out, though he tells Clumsy that the village well doesn't have a Wishing Fairy.

Out in the forest, Gargamel builds his own well and dresses himself up as the Wishing Fairy in order to get his hands on both the penny and the thieving Smurfs. He and Azrael hide within the well and wait for the Smurfs to come. Surely enough, a group of Smurfs that are headed for the Great Oak Tree to leave the penny there end up seeing the well, and seeing that it is advertised as a wishing well, Clumsy decides to drop the penny there to get his wish. Smurfette tells the group that they were instructed to return the penny to Gargamel, but Brainy says that if Clumsy drops his penny into that well, then not only will Clumsy get his wish, but also Gargamel can dive into the well and get it back.

Clumsy recites the words and drops the penny into that well, and soon enough they hear a voice coming from the well itself, calling herself the Wishing Fairy. She says she will grant the wish if only the person making the wish will tell it. Clumsy has the other Smurfs stand off in the distance while he tells his wish to the Wishing Fairy. However, the Wishing Fairy that emerges from the well is none other than Gargamel, who captures Clumsy and takes him back to his castle while the other Smurfs escape Azrael. Gargamel interrogates Clumsy by having a constant drip of water on his head to make him reveal the secret of the village well when he is distracted by a knock on the door. He opens to find a present at the door, and suspecting that it is some sort of trick, he has Azrael sniff it before he kicks it, causing it to explode while the other Smurfs sneak in to untie Clumsy and help him escape.

Back at the village, Editor is announcing the newspaper headline is Clumsy is back safe and sound, and the whole village is gathered around Clumsy asking again what it was that he wished for, and again Clumsy tells them that he couldn't tell. After a few suggestions by the Smurfs that Clumsy said no to, he finally confesses that he wishes that they could have morning muffins in the afternoon. This makes his fellow Smurfs groan to the point where they pelt Clumsy with morning muffins.


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