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Title Translation of
The Magic Egg
FrenchL'œuf magique
SpanishEl huevo Mágico
GermanDas magische Ei
ItalianL'uovo magico
DutchHet ei en de Smurfen

"The Magic Egg" is a Season 1 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


As the Smurfs take a walk in the forest, they brainstorm ideas for what they could do for Smurf Day which is coming tomorrow. Brainy suggests a parade, but Grouchy hates parades. Hefty suggests fireworks, but Grouchy hates fireworks. Vanity suggests a dance with an orchestra "and things", but Grouchy hates "things". Hefty, getting irritated hearing what Grouchy hates, asks him what does he want for Smurf Day, and Grouchy says that he hates Smurf Day and walks off. Then they comes up with an idea: they will make a great big cake. Soon they gather up the ingredients for the cake: Greedy gets the flour, Smurfette gets the milk, Clumsy is escaping bees while he gets the honey. But what they don't have are eggs.

In Gargamel's castle, the evil wizard pulls a metal egg out of his oven, and sets it to cool by the window sill. He calls it his magic egg, which, when he taps it, will give him anything he says or he wants, and soon he will use it to get his way with the Smurfs. Suddenly he gets a loud pounding on the door that comes from Bigmouth the ogre. He wants something to eat. Gargamel and Azrael hide in the closet while Bigmouth helps himself to whatever food the wizard has. Then the ogre sees the hot glowing egg on the windowsill and grabs it, but it burns his hand as he holds it. Bigmouth tosses it into his bag, saying he will eat it later, and then takes off. Gargamel looks out of the closet and sees that the ogre has taken his magic egg, so he goes off into the forest to find him.

Soon the wizard finds Bigmouth resting by a tree with his sack that contains the egg. Grabbing the sack, Gargamel tries to make a clean getaway, but Bigmouth grabs him and whirls him around, causing the egg to drop out and roll down a hill. Bigmouth tosses Gargamel aside and goes after the egg. As it rolls downhill, the Smurfs who are out looking for eggs see it and barely duck out of its way before taking hold of it. But the Smurfs aren't out of danger, as Bigmouth and Gargamel are both after the egg as they carry it. Smurfette makes a wish that they were safely back in the village, knocking on the egg for luck. Soon the egg grants her wish, and the Smurfs with the egg disappear just as Bigmouth pounces on it.

The Smurfs back at the village were surprised to see the egg-hunting Smurfs suddenly materialize in the village with a giant egg and wonder how that happened, as do the Smurfs that carried the egg. Papa Smurf steps out and sees this egg, asking for a spoon to crack it. He tries a few times, but finds it to be a really hard hard that it breaks the spoon. Hefty decides to try an ax to crack it, saying he'll do it or he's "a smurfish sausage". He hits the egg with the ax...and then suddenly, Hefty is a sausage with two legs!

Color Riot Smurfette
Smurfette decks herself out in bright festive colors
Greedy With Keg
Greedy's going to have a party with his keg of sarsaparilla
Papa Smurf Conspiracy
Three Smurfs want to be just like Papa Smurf
Papa Monkey
Papa Smurf becomes a "monkey's uncle"!
Ugly Smurfs
Lazy and Vanity give each other a monster makeover

Papa Smurf then realizes that this egg is a magic egg. This news makes the other Smurfs gather around the egg, wanting to have their wishes granted. One Smurf wants to be rich, and so he has all the money and riches that could satisfy him. Smurfette wants to be pink with blue flowers, and suddenly she is. Greedy wants a great big barrel of sarsaparilla, and so he gets it. Harmony wants to be the best trumpet player, and so he becomes that. Brainy wants to be like Papa Smurf, and so he now looks like Papa Smurf. Handy also wants to be like Papa Smurf, and so he also looks like him. Then Poet also wants to be like Papa Smurf, and so he also looks like him. Papa Smurf sees the three Papa Smurfs arguing over which one is really him, and unwittingly says to them, "If you're me, then I'm a monkey's uncle," while striking the magic egg...and so Papa Smurf becomes a monkey!

Soon Vanity and Lazy are fighting for their turn to use the magic egg. Lazy wishes for Vanity to have a face like a troll, and soon he does have one. Vanity counters this by wishing for Lazy to also appear ugly, and soon that wish comes true. The monkey that was Papa Smurf realizes that the magic egg is turning his little Smurfs into "monsters" (in both senses of the word) and that he needs to get rid of it. But soon the three Papa Smurfs decide to take it with them to someplace where they could have all their wishes granted, and so they cart it off into the woods. With the monkey Papa Smurf unable to get his hands on the egg, he decides on another method.

Out in the woods, the three Papa Smurfs run into Clumsy playing in the mud, whom one of them (Brainy) says that he's the biggest "smurfiest" oaf in the world while striking the egg...and soon Clumsy becomes giant-sized, causing not only the three Papa Smurfs to run off, but also Smurfette. She heads to the village to find the real Papa Smurf, but in his lab, she instead finds a monkey and tries to chase him away, not knowing that the monkey is really Papa Smurf. As Bigmouth now grabs a hold of the egg, the monkey Papa Smurf finishes his magic egg antidote while escaping Smurfette up on a shelf and uses it on both himself and Smurfette to return them to normal. Smurfette follows Papa Smurf as he goes out to find the egg.

Bigmouth, happy to have the egg back, tries to sink his teeth into it, but it hurts his teeth, and when he tries to crush it with his foot, it also hurts his foot. He soon kicks it away, only for it to hit Gargamel in the head just as he is trying to find it. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf meets the three Papa Smurf impersonators and changes them back to their original forms before asking them about the egg. The three Smurfs now lead Papa Smurf to where they last had it.

Gargamel is now so happy to have the egg back in his possession, he doesn't know where to begin making his wishes regarding the Smurfs. He decides on making his first wish be having two Smurfs on a platter, and hits the egg to make the wish come true. He gets two Smurfs on a platter -- but they are so ugly and disgusting (because these are Vanity and Lazy changed by the egg), he instantly discards them. He then makes another wish of having the biggest, plumpest Smurf of them all, and he gets it -- the oversized Clumsy who still has no idea what's going on. This makes Gargamel run off in fear, leaving his magic egg behind. Soon the other Smurfs show up, and Papa Smurf makes a wish to have everything back to what it was before -- and so it happens. Then, realizing how selfish and silly and "un-Smurflike" his little Smurfs had been with their wishes, the village leader then wishes for the magic egg to disappear for good -- and so it goes, much to the disappointment of the other Smurfs.

Back in the village, Papa Smurf relaxes on a chair, glad to see things back to normal, cake or no cake, when Jokey shows up with what looks like another magic egg. This makes Papa Smurf groan as his little Smurfs again gather around it to make wishes. But as they attempt to do so, it explodes on them. Jokey has played a joke on them with a fake exploding magic egg, and they fell for it, causing him to laugh.


"What's this? If you're me, then I'm a monkey's uncle!"
(Strikes egg and becomes a monkey.)

- Papa Smurf commenting on the three Papa Smurf impersonators

"That egg must be around here someplace, Azrael." (Gets hit in the head with the egg.) "Never mind, Azrael...I've found it!"

- Gargamel when he goes out searching for the magic egg

Background Information

  • This story has also appeared in the Peyo-created comic books under the title "The Egg and the Smurfs", where the magic egg is revealed to be a normal egg from which a baby chicken hatches. Bigmouth, Gargamel and Smurfette were absent from the comic book version. Also, the original explanation for Grouchy's behavior was removed from this version of the story due to "The Smurfette" taking place before "The Purple Smurfs" in the cartoon show universe.
  • This is the second animated adaptation of "The Egg And The Smurfs". The first was in the 1961 European TV cartoon series The Smurfs.