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Title Translation of
The Littlest Witch
FrenchLa Mini-sorcière
SpanishLa brujita
GermanDie kleine Hexe
ItalianLa scuola delle streghe
DutchDe kleine heks

"The Littlest Witch" is a Season 3 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.



This is Brenda, the nice witch that the Smurfs encounter in this episode.

In the Smurf Village, Papa Smurf warns his little Smurfs about being around Witch Haven Conservatory, which, although is dangerous, is the only place they can find witch hazel. Hefty assures Papa Smurf that they will get all the witch hazel he needs. Before sending them off, he also warns them to keep themselves hidden because it is a school for witches.

At the school, a class of young witches are being tested with a question by their teacher Miss Snarly about the only element that can take away a witch's power for a year. One of the students, Brenda, answers oatmeal, which makes other young witches laugh but simply has Miss Snarly tell her she's wrong. She calls upon Magdalena, who answers with the four primal elements and says that water is the element that can take away a witch's powers. Miss Snarly commends Magdalena's answer and warns her students that when they graduate, they are to stay out of the rain and never take baths.

Soon Miss Snarly dismisses her students, but she has Brenda stay after class to tell her how disappointed she is in that she's turning out to be a bad witch. Brenda thought she was supposed to be bad, but Miss Snarly says she's supposed to be evil, that bad isn't good enough. Brenda wonders what "good" even means, but Miss Snarly refuses to answer that. Instead, she gives her student one last chance to prove herself: she gives Brenda the homework assignment of turning a songbird into a bat by sundown. If she fails, she will suffer the student witch's most embarrassing fate of being expelled. Brenda promises that she will do her best, but Miss Snarly doesn't want her to do her best, but rather her worst, to learn to be evil or else she won't graduate. She warns Brenda that she will be watching her through her crystal ball.

Flying off on her broom, Brenda is willing to show her teacher how evil she can really be. She spots a songbird nearby, so she lands down upon a tree and recites the words, "dog into catis, bird into batis", while focusing her powers on the bird. However, it ends up turning the bird into a butterfly, making her realize that it wasn't evil enough. She soon spots a songbird on the ground tugging at a worm, so again she uses the magic words and focuses her power on that bird, but this time it turns the bird into a frog. Brenda sighs, saying that at least it's a little more evil.

Littlest Witch - Smurfs

The Smurfs scold Brenda for changing the bird into a frog.

Then Smurfette comes by and scolds the young witch for changing one of Mother Nature's creations into a frog. Brenda tries to explain her actions to Smurfette and the other Smurfs that she's trying to be an evil witch. Hefty suggests that she can try being good instead, but again Brenda doesn't know what being "good" means. Smurfette says that being good is being kind to all living creatures great and small, while Hefty says that being good is keeping fit and taking care of your health. When those answers fail to satisfy Brenda's curiosity, Smurfette suggested that Papa Smurf could better explain to her what being good is. This makes Hefty question whether bringing a witch into the Smurf Village is a good idea. Smurfette defends Brenda by saying Papa Smurf would be the first to teach this young witch how to be good.

Brenda's teacher Miss Snarly, however, overhears this and is surprised to learn that there is a Papa Smurf. She figures that if she can destroy "that little blue goody-goody", then it would truly be "a bat in her hat", and all she has to do is let them lead Brenda to their village for her instant fame and fortune. She then takes off on her broom, ready to find Papa Smurf in order to destroy him.

Upon reaching the village, Brainy tells Smurfette that Papa Smurf already has enough trouble teaching him how to be a wizard, and also adds that witches are ignorant creatures who could never truly know how to be good. This insults Brenda to the point where she uses her powers to change Brainy into a pig, who then goes squealing to Papa Smurf, who at that point is talking with Farmer. Smurfette tries to explain that she brought Brenda to the village so that Papa Smurf could teach her how to be good. Papa Smurf sees the young witch's predicament and offers to help while he works on a way to restore Brainy to normal, then tells Farmer to find a mud puddle for Brainy to cool off in.

In Papa Smurf's laboratory, the village leader tells Brenda the various aspects of goodness: excellence, value, virtue, worth, quality, well-being, and honor. Soon Papa Smurf has his formula finished and ready to test out on the songbirds Brenda has changed, but as he went into the forest to meet Hefty, he sees Hefty with Scaredy bringing the songbird that was changed into a frog. Papa Smurf then has Scaredy climb a tree to get a fresh acorn, which he bravely does with Brenda watching and Smurfette telling her Papa Smurf's trying to teach Scaredy something for his own good.

Littlest Witch 2 - Smurfs

Brenda watches Papa pour the serum into the acorn cap.

Miss Snarly, meanwhile, watches as Papa Smurf puts the formula into the acorn's cap so that the frog can lap the formula with its tongue, and instantly it is changed back into a songbird. Brainy laps the same formula and is changed back into a Smurf. Now that he is his normal self, Brainy takes the opportunity to scold Brenda, saying that evil spells and Smurfs don't mix. Then Miss Snarly comes onto the scene and uses her magic to change Brainy into a chicken. The other Smurfs manage to escape her grasp, but Scaredy ends up falling from the tree and is captured by the teacher. She decides to take that Smurf with her and warns Papa Smurf to turn himself in at Witch Haven or he will never see that little Smurf again.

After Miss Snarly departs, Papa Smurf says that they must rescue Scaredy, but tells Farmer that while he can reverse a little witch's spell, reversing a big witch's spell is more difficult. He needs a page from her spellbook in order to do that, so he tells Hefty and Smurfette to find a way into Witch Haven without being seen while he rides with Brenda. Meanwhile, Farmer offers to find some grain from Brainy to peck at.

While Miss Snarly is distracted watching Papa Smurf riding with Brenda on her broom, Smurfette and Hefty sneak their way into the teacher's classroom. Willing to prove that evil is more powerful than good, Miss Snarly causes the window Brenda lands near to turn into a mouth that attacks her before she chases after her student with her broom. With the teacher gone, Smurfette and Hefty break Scaredy out of his cage and also get the spellbook page that Papa Smurf needs.

Littlest Witch 3 - Smurfs

Brenda turned her teacher's broom into an anvil.

Miss Snarly uses her power to turn a cloud into an octopus that attacks Brenda, then a tree into a fire-breathing dragon. However, Papa Smurf falls off Brenda's broom and finds himself hanging for dear life over a ravine. Miss Snarly is ready to turn the tree root Papa Smurf is hanging onto into a snake, but then Brenda turns her teacher's broom into an anvil, causing her to fall into the river at the bottom of the ravine. Papa Smurf is pleased that Brenda has used her powers for good, and Brenda is pleased that Miss Snarly will lose her powers for a year.

Back at the village, Papa Smurf gives Brainy the completed formula for turning him back into a normal Smurf. However, Brainy still doesn't have anything good to say to Brenda and doesn't want "that horrible witch" to stay in his village before he walks off. Smurfette wonders what Brenda's going to do now, and Brenda says that she intends to travel the world doing good unto others. Smurfette then spots the songbird that Brenda had changed into a butterfly, which Papa Smurf says is a good opportunity for the young witch to put her new outlook on life to the test. Brenda complies by using her power to change the butterfly back into a songbird. Papa Smurf comments that it was very good indeed.

Background Information

  • First of two appearances of Brenda.