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The King
Voice ActorBob Holt
First AppearanceJohan And Peewit comic book series
UniverseComic Books
Cartoon Show
Magic Flute

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The King (no name has been given) is a character that appears in the Johan And Peewit comic book series, the various episodes of the Smurfs cartoon show (usually in the "Johan And Peewit" stories), as well as in the "non-canonical" Smurf story "The Smurfs And The Magic Flute". He is the one whom Sir Johan and Peewit serve under, who is a wise and benevolent ruler of his own kingdom. He is also friends with the Smurfs. He is a good king and his subjects love him. He is the uncle of Princess Savina and King Gerard from another kingdom.


  • His character in the cartoon show was voiced by Bob Holt.
  • In the comic book "The Rose of the Sands", he joined the Crusades with other knights years before. However, he and some other knights were captured by an Emir.

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