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Title Translation of
The Kaplowey Scroll
FrenchLa formule qui anéantit
SpanishLa fórmula aniquiladora
GermanDie Zauber-Rolle
ItalianLa parola magica
DutchDe Kaplowie Spreuk

"The Kaplowey Scroll" is a Season 2 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

The Smurfs are happily singing the Smurf song as they head to the village carrying smurfberries that they have picked, when Clumsy stumbles over a patch of ground that opens into a hole that he falls into. In that hole Clumsy lands on a staircase that leads down into a chamber that has been abandoned for years. On a lectern Clumsy finds a scroll that looks like something he should show Papa Smurf. Back at the village, Papa Smurf sees that the scroll is written in an ancient tongue, so he takes it into his study to find out. Brainy offers to help Papa Smurf figure it out, but Papa Smurf politely refuses. Out in the forest, Gargamel is looking at his map trying to figure out where the mysterious wizard's chamber is.

Kaplowey Scroll

Don't say the magic word!

Soon Papa Smurf has the language of the scroll figured out and tries to read the first word to his little Smurfs, but Sloppy's pet Fly is distracting him. Then suddenly Papa Smurf says "kaplowey"...and Fly disappears in a puff of smoke! Sloppy wonders what happened to Fly, and so do the other Smurfs who are wondering what Papa Smurf just did. Then the village leader reads the rest of the scroll, which goes like this: Powerful is he who speaks the magic word, and weep for that at which the magic word is directed against, for it will vanish and be banished from this world, and woe unto him who speaks the magic word in perilous anger.

Because of this, Papa Smurf warns his little Smurfs never to speak the magic word. However, some Smurfs couldn't resist using it to get rid of things that were in their way. Farmer, who comes across a rock in his field that he had trouble digging up, uses the word to remove the rock...though it creates a big gaping hole for him to fall in. Clumsy, who trips over a tree root as he was running trying to tell Hefty something, uses the word to remove the root...though it causes the tree to fall. Lazy uses it to make Harmony's trumpet disappear when he couldn't sleep, and that made Harmony so mad that he uses the magic word to make Lazy's bed disappear. Brainy finds himself sneezing the magic word when Hefty sets down a bag of flour in front of him, coating his face in flour, which causes the bag of flour to disappear. Smurfette finds herself being rained on when she was taking a walk, so she uses the magic word to make the rain cloud disappear...though it now causes the flowers in her hand to wilt because the sun is too hot.

Papa Smurf hears that his little Smurfs have been using the magic word and were creating more problems for themselves and their fellow Smurfs than they have solved, so now he warns them to help each other from saying the magic word until he can find a way to be rid of that magic word for good. While Papa Smurf makes a few attempts in his laboratory to make things the magic word caused to disappear to reappear, Hefty manages to muffle Handy when he was about to blurt out the magic word when a beam of wood hits him on the head. During mealtime, when all Brainy gets in his bowl is a single smurfberry, he gets so angry with Greedy that he was about to say the magic word, but Smurfette stops him from doing that just in time. She tells Papa Smurf that every Smurf is looking so gloomy because they're afraid to say anything. Papa Smurf says the sooner he can come up with a solution, he sooner he can get his little Smurfs to start laughing again.

Jokey, overhearing the conversation between Smurfette and Papa Smurf, decides that he's going to beat their efforts to get the other Smurfs laughing again. He gives Greedy one of his "surprises", who then decides to give it to Grouchy, who can only say "I hate surprises". But it goes boom when Grouchy opens it, and Jokey laughs at Grouchy's misfortune, causing him to get really angry. Papa Smurf could see what is about to happen and tries to tell Grouchy not to say it, but Grouchy says "kaplowey" while looking at Jokey...and Jokey vanishes, causing the other Smurfs to gasp in horror, while Grouchy realizes what he has done and mournfully says, "I hate...myself".

Clumsy now wishes that he had never found that scroll with the magic word, which gives Papa Smurf the idea of returning the scroll to the place it was found. He takes Clumsy, Sloppy, and Hefty along with him to find that place and warns the other Smurfs to keep their mouths shut while he's gone. As Clumsy tries to find the underground chamber again, Gargamel finds it by accident, but he is frustrated that he can't find the scroll that he is looking for. Then Hefty finds the chamber, and Papa Smurf tells Clumsy to put the scroll back where he found it. Gargamel hears Clumsy coming and decides to hide and wait until the Smurf has departed from the chamber, then he takes the scroll from the lectern and rejoices in that the scroll is now his.

Clumsy returns to Papa Smurf, Sloppy, and Hefty who were waiting outside, telling them that the scroll has been returned. Papa Smurf tells them that they should go back to the village, with the hope that Jokey would also return. But on their return, Clumsy walks straight into a tree and ends up saying the magic word to make it disappear by accident. Papa Smurf suddenly has the idea of using the magic word to make the scroll itself disappear. They return to the chamber only to find that the scroll is now gone. Papa Smurf sees a map nearby and suspects that Gargamel must have come to find the scroll. Realizing how dangerous the scroll would be if Gargamel had discovered the magic word from it, he tells his little Smurfs that they must get to the scroll before the evil wizard does.

Meanwhile, Gargamel is looking through his books and has found the language that the scroll is written in. He tries to pronounce the first word that is written on the scroll when the Smurfs at his castle's door say it, causing the door to disappear. Then they say the magic word while looking at the scroll, and the scroll disappears. At the same instant, Sloppy's pet Fly and Jokey also reappear. Gargamel now chases after the Smurfs, saying "kaplowey" to make them disappear...but instead a bag of flour appears to trip him up. He says "kaplowey" again, and a storm cloud appears over his head. The evil wizard pounds his fists on the ground in frustration as he repeatedly says "kaplowey".