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Ice Wand Fairy 2
The normal state of the fairy, with Grouchy

Ice Wand Fairy
The fairy under the power of the Ice Wand

Ice Wand Fairy
Also Known AsReal name unknown
OccupationNot specified
AlignmentGood, was used for evil by Chlorhydris
First AppearanceSeason 3 ("A Hug For Grouchy")
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

The Ice Wand Fairy is a nameless character that appeared in the cartoon show episode "A Hug For Grouchy". She is a fairy whom Chlorhydris had found out in the forest that she used the Ice Wand upon in order to make her an unwilling pawn to use the wand upon the Smurfs to turn them into emotionless zombies. In her normal state, the nameless fairy was generally friendly.

The Ice Wand Fairy used the wand to attack the Smurfs and to turn them into emotionless zombies. Papa Smurf found out about the wand from one of his books and discovered that its power can only be broken if the holder of the wand was given a great big hug from a confirmed grouch. Grouchy, realizing that he was a confirmed grouch, tried to escape doing it, but Papa Smurf warned that if he didn't break the wand's power by sunset, all his fellow Smurfs would remain without feelings forever.

When the Ice Wand Fairy turned Papa Smurf into an emotionless zombie and was distracted by trying to do the same to Baby Smurf without any success, Grouchy bravely reached out and gave the fairy a great big hug, which freed her from the power of the wand as well as everyone that the wand had struck.

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