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Title Translation of
The Horn Of Plenty
FrenchLa Schtroumpf d'abondance
GermanDas Füllhorn
ItalianIl corno dell’abbondanza
DutchDe hoorn des overvloeds

"The Horn Of Plenty" was an episode that appeared in Season 6 of the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

In Mother Nature's house, an explosion takes place and fumes emanate as the guardian of nature opens the door and breaks her wand, saying that this is what she gets for making a magic wand out of a rotted tree stump. Meanwhile, the fumes from the wand have their effect, as they cause a ripe bush full of berries for the deer to eat to become withered and rotten. In the Smurf Village, the Smurfs are all prepared for the annual harvest, with Greedy making up the last batch of smurfberry muffins for the Smurfs to eat, when the fumes reach Farmer's fields and cause all his crops to be withered and rotten. Brainy falls to Papa Smurf's feet and bemoans that with Farmer's crops destroyed, the Smurfs will starve when winter comes. Papa Smurf tries to allay Brainy's fears by saying that there must certainly be food in the forest for the Smurfs to gather, but soon he discovers for himself that everything edible in the forest is ruined. He realizes that Mother Nature must be told about this situation, but she already appears to tell Papa Smurf that this is all her fault. Smurfette asks Mother Nature for assurance that everything will grow back, and she replies that everything the springtime.

The Great Plentiful 2

He may not be a musician, but he knows how to play his horn for food!

The news makes Brainy very panicky, fearing that he will be cut down in the prime of his life, and Nat is very worried about his animal friends, as they will have nothing to eat in the winter as well. Papa Smurf tries to comfort Mother Nature by saying that they will simply have to make do with what little they have left until spring comes. However, during the winter, when all the Smurfs have to eat is a single kernel for each Smurf from a barely-survived cob of corn, Smurfette discovers that Greedy has been hoarding away food while letting his fellow Smurfs go hungry and scolds him for it, as does Papa Smurf. As Greedy tries to defend himself, he accidentally sits on a muffin he had hidden under a cushion and offers it to Smurfette, saying that he already has plenty. The word "plenty" reminds Papa Smurf of a place he called The Land Of Plenty beyond the Hidden Hills where a magic horn provided endless food for all people. Papa Smurf decides to set off for this place on the back of Feathers with some of his little Smurfs.

Meanwhile, in Gargamel's castle, the evil wizard and his apprentice Scruple are also without food as they scrounge around for anything they can satisfy their stomachs with, even Azrael's cat food. Gargamel decides to go off into the forest to find the one thing he considers food, which are Smurfs. As they head off, the terrible trio spots the Smurfs flying on Feathers from below and realize that their solution to the hunger situation is at hand as they follow the crane to the same destination.

Soon, as the Smurfs cross the tops of the Hidden Hills, some of the Smurfs are surprised to see how everything beyond it is so green and full of food, which turns out to be the legendary Land Of Plenty. Greedy looks at the food and is ready to help himself until Papa Smurf restrains him. Then they hear the sound of a horn, and as they enter a pavilion, they see people lining up with baskets before the leader of this land who announces "the Horn Of Plenty" before blowing into it and filling their baskets with food. Papa Smurf realizes that this must be the Horn Of Plenty and so they appear before the ruler, the Great Plentiful, to ask if they could borrow the horn so they could feed themselves and their animal friends. The Great Plentiful says through his horn that the Plentifuls share with nobody. The ruler's son Ample tries to plead with his father that they could at least give them some food to eat, but the father does not want to be interrupted when he's trying to be imperious, to which Ample humbly complies. The Great Plentiful tells the Smurfs that there will be no sharing and to be gone, and as the Smurfs walk away disappointed, Greedy comments on how greedy this ruler of the Land Of Plenty must be.

But then Gargamel shows up with Azrael and Scruple, ready to have a feast with the food they see before them and the Smurfs who will become the main course. Gargamel and Azrael give chase to the Smurfs and have them cornered until the Great Plentiful says "coconuts" and blows his horn to release a barrage of coconuts at the evil wizard, causing him to flee. However, Scruple sneaks up from behind the throne and snatches the horn, running off with it. The leader calls for the Plentifuls to go after the bratty lad to get the horn back, but the people of the land soon get out of breath as they unable to catch up to him before he crosses over their border. Papa Smurf calls for his little Smurfs to get on board Feathers so they can get the Horn Of Plenty back from Gargamel. Ample chooses to follow along, offering an apple to Brainy in exchange for the help.

In Gargamel's castle, Scruple tells the evil wizard that the Horn Of Plenty will supply them with endless food, but Gargamel is only interested in eating the rare delicacy that he calls Smurfs and wants Scruple to provide smurfberries from the horn so that he can lure the Smurfs to him. Scruple blows the horn and buries his master with more than enough berries to do the job. Soon, as the Smurfs fly over the forest near the castle, Farmer and Greedy smell the goodness of smurfberries, with Greedy so desperate to get his little blue paws on them that he tells Feathers to descend upon Gargamel's roof. Papa Smurf tries to warn Greedy that it's a trap, but Greedy doesn't listen as he is ready to climb down the chimney to get at the food until Azrael shows up and scares him off. Unfortunately, he knocks the other Smurfs and Ample off Feathers and onto the roof, where they all slide down and get caught in Gargamel's net except for Greedy and Ample.

The two escapees see that the Smurfs are going to be in hot water as Gargamel has Scruple blowing the horn to provide the ingredients for their Smurf stew, so Greedy tells Ample that they need to get to the village to get help from the other Smurfs. Before they reach the village, though, the two run into a pack of wild hungry boars who end up chasing them back the same way they came. Fortunately, Greedy decides to use Gargamel's stew preparation against him as he leads the boars in the direction of its scent, causing them to crash the evil wizard's dinner plans and help themselves to the delicious broth while the Smurfs take the Horn Of Plenty away and use it to bring food to all the starving animals in the forest. Ample says his father would never do that, and Greedy says that sharing is the smurfy way.

With the horn safely back to its rightful owner, the Great Plentiful hears of what was done with the horn and realizes how better it is to share their food with others. Greedy takes the opportunity to sit on the ruler's throne and ask for Harmony to blow him a tune of smurfberries, which is music to his mouth as his fellow Smurfs laugh.

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