Gnome Prince
The Gnome Prince
Also Known AsReal name unknown
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceSeason 6 (single appearance)

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The Gnome Prince is a character whose only appearance is in Greedy Goes On Strike of Season 6. He is the Gnome King's only son, and is assumed an only child, though his mother is unknown. He first enters his dad's throne room with high hopes to go on a father-son hike, but is dejectedly sent away with the empty promise of it happening "after dinner". His comment on the matter was, "It's always dinner time here," as he leaves.

Later he returns hoping he and his dad will go fishing - again the idea is rejected, so he becomes frustrated and goes into the kitchen where Greedy Smurf is making the next meal for his majesty. He sits, discouraged, on a stool after throwing down his fishing pole and tells Greedy about how his father doesn't care about him at all. "All he cares about is food..." he explains.

By the end, he makes a third appearance when the king is about to have Greedy executed for trying to escape and proclaims that if he doesn't set them free, he will leave home forever. Taken aback by this, his father tries to reassure him that he loves him and wants nothing more than for him to be happy. The prince angrily points out how Greedy has given him more attention and interest than his father has his entire life, leading him to be quite skeptical. He is easily made happy when the king allows the Smurfs to go free and also promises to make a concerted effort to spend more time on his son.


  • He seems to be rather rebellious and seeking independence since his father does not give him much attention. He is capable of making friends, as shown with the Smurfs, and enjoys outdoor activities, preferably ones that include company. He seems fit to rule after his father, too because his priorities revolve more around his friends than himself.
  • He is not given a specific name - other than "Gnome Prince", "my son", and "your highness" - but it is assumed his nickname is Pyro because of his strong will and red hair.
  • His voice is unknown.

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