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Title Translation of
The Gingerbread Smurfs
FrenchLes Schtroumpfs de pain d'épices
SpanishLos Pitufos de Jingibre
GermanDie Lebkuchenschlümpfe
ItalianI panpuffi pepati
DutchDe Gemberkoek Smurfen

"The Gingerbread Smurfs" is a Season 4 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

As the story starts, Brainy is getting on Greedy's nerves by bossing him around about how he cooks. This makes Greedy throw random desserts at him, telling the bespectacled Smurf that he thinks he knows everything but he really knows nothing about baking. Brainy claims that he has an incomparable flair for baking, but he simply doesn't make a big deal out of it like Greedy does. Greedy scoffs at Brainy's claim and challenges him to a bake off. Papa Smurf is away from the village, so they choose him to do the taste test when he gets back. They wonder what they would bake when Clumsy suggests gingerbread cookies. They accept and shake hands with each other, as Brainy says, "and may the best Smurf -- meaning me -- win."

Gingerbread Smurfs 2

Greedy and Brainy agree to a Cook-Off.

Soon Brainy announces to the rest of the Smurfs that there will be a bake off between himself and Greedy which will separate the professionals from the amateurs. Jokey scoffs at the idea that Brainy is a professional baker, but Brainy tries to defend himself as being as much a capable cook as Greedy is if not better. Greedy then pulls out a wagon of cupcakes and all the Smurfs run up to take one, leaving Brainy uselessly banging on a pan with only Clumsy listening to him. A little later on, Brainy and Clumsy are in the kitchen trying to come up with a recipe for baking cookies. They use way too many ingredients and add sarsaparilla (suggested by Clumsy) and then they top it off with a drop of volcanic lava juice, which produces a massive explosion that really impresses Jokey and leaves a major mess in the kitchen.

Later that night, with no recipe for making cookies, Brainy sneaks into Papa Smurf's lab and finds one in the Wizard's Cookbook for creating a magic gingerbread cookie. Brainy follows the recipe and sticks the completed cookie into the oven to bake for a few minutes while he tries to compose a victory speech. However, Clumsy notices that the oven is shaking around and tries to tell Brainy, but Brainy doesn't want to be interrupted, as he wants his speech to go off with a bang. Then the oven door bursts open with a bang and Brainy's gingerbread cookie comes out all baked up, which to his surprise comes to life. At first Brainy is thrilled, but soon realizes the trouble he has created when the cookies multiply and get on all the Smurfs' nerves with their annoying antics, even out-pranking Jokey with their own pranks. Things get even worse when the gingerbread cookies start kicking the Smurfs out of their houses. He goes to Greedy for help, who grudgingly complies if only to show that he is still the professional baker and Brainy is not. Greedy stops more cookies from being made by throwing water into the oven, but there are still the ones already baked that they need to stop.

Papa Smurf comes back from visiting Homnibus and sees the living Gingerbread Smurfs running amok. He scolds Brainy, who as usual claims to have learned his lesson and apologizes. Papa Smurf tells him that he is considering appointing a new apprentice to replace him, but rejects Greedy's offer. Brainy then reverses the spell and finds one surviving Gingerbread Smurf, so he tries to get a taste test. However, all Brainy gets for his troubles is to be tossed out of the village again, this time along with his cookie, leaving him muttering that sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles.


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