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Game Master
Game Master
OccupationGame player
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceSeason 5 ("The Grouchiest Game in Town")
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

The Game Master is a character the appeared in the episode "The Grouchiest Game In Town ". He is an imp who travels around finding victims to challenge to a game and if they lose (which they always do), they are turned into a piece of his game board and they will not be freed until someone wins against him.

Gargamel was his first main character to be turned into a game piece. The Game Master finds the Smurf Village and takes Sassette and Slouchy hostage. Some Smurfs try to save them but fail (even Papa Smurf).

Grouchy is the one that saves the Smurfs by using Slouchy's "Hippity Hop" move and by remembering that Papa Smurf is also a sorcerer, making him a powerful piece on the board. This frees everybody trapped as game pieces, sending them back to where they came from, and sending the Game Master home where he cries to his parents over losing.


He wears a long black robe which is yellow at the sleeves. He has green skin with pointy ears and a single tooth sticking out. He also he a long pointy black hat with a yellow star on it.

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