The Frozen Ogre
The Frozen Ogre
Also Known AsReal name unknown
OccupationGuardian of a cave of frozen food
AlignmentEvil, later became good
First AppearanceSeason 1
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

The Frozen Ogre is an unnamed character that appears in the cartoon show episode "Spelunking Smurfs". He is the ogre whom legends had said stole a supply of food from the Smurfs who was frozen in a cave because of an enchanted diamond he possessed which causes selfish owners to be frozen. The Smurfs discover his cave with the frozen food and the diamond and used Vanity's mirrors to shine sunlight onto the diamond so they could thaw out the food. However, as Gargamel tried to block their escape and take the food for himself, the ogre had awakened and scared the evil wizard away. The ogre also tried to stop the Smurfs from taking the food, but Papa Smurf warned him about the diamond and what happened to him the last time he was selfish. The ogre then decided he would rather share the food and so gave the diamond to Papa Smurf, saying that it gave him the chills.

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