Emperor Of Japan
The Emperor Of Japan
First AppearanceSeason 9 ("Papa's Big Snooze")
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

The Emperor Of Japan is a human character who appeared in the cartoon show episode "Papa's Big Snooze". He is a resident of the Palace Of The Rising Sun, whose garden is surrounded by a maze that can only be accessed through a sliding hedge gate. He is constantly carried into the garden by his guardsmen wearing blindfolds so that nobody but him and his gardener Dojo will know the way in. Unfortunately, because of the blindfolds, the guardsmen are usually left not being able to bring the Emperor safely into the garden, which makes the Emperor scold his guards and blame them for being clumsy.

In the episode, the Emperor visited the garden and demanded Dojo to improve its appearance and to get rid of the bugs or he will have his head. The Emperor would return later on to find that the garden has been improved with all the trees' shrubbery trimmed, not knowing that it was the work of the bonsai beetle. Nevertheless, he was pleased with Dojo's "efforts" and ordered him to make sure all the trees and flowers would be just as beautiful to look at. He also decided at that point to make the garden accessible to everyone.

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