The chief
The Chief
Also Known AsReal name unknown
OccupationChief of a village
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceSeason 9
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

The Chief is an unnamed character in the episode "Jungle Jitterbugs". He is the leader of a tribe in Amazon. In the episode, the village is suffering from a serious drought which the lake has been dried out. The chief ordered his witch doctor to solve the drought. But the methods are useless. One day, the witch doctor finds fours Smurfs (SmurfetteBrainyClumsy and Jokey), and brings them to him. They thinks that the Smurfs, which are creatures that they never seen, can makes the "rain god" gives rain, so they decided to fly the Smurfs by a catapult. Just when the Smurfs are flown, Vanity accidentally arrives the village with his jitterbug disease. The Chief thinks that he is dancing the "rain dance" so he let Vanity keep on dancing instead of flying the other Smurfs. Finally, the sky rains and the drought is solved with Vanity's "rain dance". However, The chief and his men are worried while Vanity keeps on dancing as the jitterbug disease is cannot be cured, the lake is going to be flooded. He ordered his men to stop Vanity from dancing, but they all failed. Suddenly, a cheetah attacked the village, everyone is running away, he is tripped when he is running and the cheetah is approaching him, luckily, Vanity's dance attracted the cheetah away and saved his life. Vanity also jumped into a pot of potion brewed by the witch doctor to hide from the cheetah, since then, his jitterbug disease is cured accidentally by the witch doctor's potion. The village chief wanted Vanity to be the new witch doctor as he had ended the drought, but the Smurf refused, pointing out that it was the current Witch doctor’s potion which cured him of his jitterbug sickness. So in the end, the chief let the witch doctor continue his job while Vanity and the other Smurfs went on their way.

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