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The Aerosmurf
Original titleL'Aeroschtroumpf
PublisherCartoon Creation
Year of publication1990
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The Aerosmurf (original French title: L'Aéroschtroumpf) is the fourteenth album of the original French-language Smurfs comic series created by Belgian artist Peyo. Apart from the titular one, it contains other four stories: The Gluttony of the Smurfs, The Masked Smurfer, Puppy and the Smurfs and Jokey Smurf's Jokes. This title has recently been published in English by Papercutz.


The Aerosmurf

Flying Smurf still hasn't quit his dream to fly (as seen in The Flying Smurf story from The Black Smurfs), so he asks Handy Smurf to make him a flying machine. The following morning, Flying Smurf shows to the other Smurfs his new airplane, the Aerosmurf. When driving the Aerosmurf, Flying Smurf destroys the Smurfette's flowers and her laundry. The Smurfette gets angry and goes to the forest to calm. Gargamel captures the Smurfette and sends a crow with a note for the Smurfs, stating that he'll free her in exchange for her weight in gold, but the Smurfs don't have any. The Flying Smurf uses his Aerosmurf to take Smurfette out from Gargamel's net, and since Gargamel can't reach the Aerosmurf, he decides to make his own flying machine, composed of pedals connected to batlike wings. Gargamel shoots arrows to the Aerosmurf, but Flying Smurf does a loop and throws explosive gifts (presumably gotten from Jokey Smurf) that destroy Gargamel's machine. After landing, Smurfette promises to give something to Flying Smurf: the work of restoring everything he destroyed during his first flight.

The Gluttony of the Smurfs

Gargamel makes a sarsaparilla cake and drops a petrification elixir on it, then he leaves it in the forest. The following day, some Smurfs go to the forest to get raspberries and find the cake, which they eat despite Brainy Smurf's warnings; they even throw some cake on his face, so he tastes it too. Grouchy Smurf is the only one who doesn't eat cake, so when the elixir petrifies the Smurfs, he goes to prevent Papa Smurf in the Village. Gargamel takes the petrified Smurfs to his house, but leaves since he needs ingredients for an antidote. Then Papa Smurf and the rest of the Smurfs arrive, they read the antidote formula and get the ingredients before Gargamel, restore the petrified Smurfs and leave Gargamel's house, after Papa Smurf leaves a caramel with a formula that will make Gargamel's body too soft to chase them.

The Masked Smurfer

There's a lot of disputes among the Smurfs. Suddenly, Jokey Smurf arrives with his face full of cream and says a masked Smurf with a cape threw him a cake on his face. Then arrive Brainy Smurf and the Smurfette, also with pies thrown on their faces by the masked Smurf. That night, the masked Smurf leaves an arrow with a note, telling the Smurfs to leave in the hollow trunk of the forest notes with the names of the Smurfs they'd want to throw a pie to, and signs "the Masked Smurfer". While each Smurf denies to send notes, they all do (mainly due to their disputes at the time), and the following day every Smurf has been pied at least once. The Smurfs decide to investigate Chef Smurf, but Greedy Smurf compares the taste of the Masked Smurfer's pies and Chef Smurf's ones, and the difference proves his innocence. Then Papa Smurf takes matters on his hands: he sends a note to the Masked Smurfer, dipped with white ink. After everybody is pied the following day, Brainy Smurf finds the Masked Smurfer's disguise, which makes the Smurfs suspect him, until Papa Smurf arrives and tells everybody to show their hands, and Jokey Smurf's hands are white due to the ink; he had pied himself the first to avert suspicions.

Puppy and the Smurfs

One morning, the Smurfs find a creature in the Village. Everybody is scared, until Papa Smurf arrives and tells them it's just Puppy, Homnibus' dog. The Smurfs think Homnibus may have sent a message inside Puppy's locket, but everyone who tries to open the locket gets electrocuted. Papa Smurf sends a message to Homnibus, and the Smurfs care for Puppy in the meantime. Papa Smurf gets his own message back, which means Homnibus isn't at home. The Smurfs go to leave Puppy at Homnibus' home, but are secretly followed by Gargamel. When they arrive, Homnibus has just returned from seeking Puppy who had fled. Papa Smurf asks about Puppy's locket, and Homnibus explains that whoever opens the locket will become Puppy's real master, who he should obey; Gargamel listens all of this. Homnibus gives Puppy to the Smurfs if they like him. Gargamel uses a net to capture Puppy and tries to open his locket, but gets electrocuted. Puppy escapes and Gargamel follows him to the Smurf Village, but while he tries to capture Smurfs, Baby Smurf opens Puppy's locket and sends him against Gargamel. The defeated Gargamel returns home to try to make a similar locket for Azrael.

Jokey Smurf's Jokes

The Smurfs are tired of Jokey Smurf's explosive presents, so Papa Smurf makes him promise no never give such gifts again. Jokey Smurf is depressed at first, but then he decides to make more varied jokes: he gives a water-squirting flower to the Smurfette, puts a fake ink stain on Poet Smurf's poem, and so on. Everybody gets soon tired of his new jokes, so nobody wants to see him. Jokey Smurf goes to the forest and is captured by Gargamel. He makes a fake explosion sound, so Gargamel drops him, but follows him to the village when he's escaping. To make Gargamel go away, Jokey Smurf asks Papa Smurf if he can break the promise, and Papa Smurf agrees, so Jokey Smurf gives a big explosive present to Gargamel that sends him away like a rocket. At the end, Jokey Smurf returns to his old gift jokes.

Publication and Other Media

  • While the main story of the book wasn't adapted for TV, the plots of the latest three stories are similar to some TV episodes.
  • The main story was adapted into Marvel Comics' Smurfs limited series story "Smurf Plane".
  • The Howlibird briefly appears during "The Aerosmurf".
  • "The Masked Smurfer" is the first time Chef Smurf and Greedy Smurf appear in the same story, thus confirming they are separate characters in the original canon (unlike the animated series).
  • "Puppy And The Smurfs" appeared in the Papercutz edition of "The Smurflings". Since then, the story on this book was replaced by "The Smurf And His Dragon".
  • "Jokey Smurf's Jokes" was renamed as "Jokey Smurf's Pranks" in the Papercutz version.

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