Tamar image
OccupationRuler of an African country
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceSeason 9 (Single Episode)
UniverseCartoon Show

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Tamar (also known as Tamar the Treacherous) was a rich and powerful leader of a people in ancient Africa who appeared in the Smurfs cartoon show Season 9 episode “The Golden Rhino”. He lived on a remote island off the coast in a luxurious palace with servants and guards that were mostly trained gorillas, headed by his right-hand man Azoul. Tamar was also a greedy ruler who wanted to turn everything in his palace into gold, to which end he captured a pair of golden rhinos, rhinos which could turn objects into gold with their magical golden horns. However, the rhinos lost their gold transforming powers from being overworked. Tamar decided to catch another golden rhino, which turned out to be the captive rhinos' calf Rahdu, a pet of the time-lost Smurfs' new human friend Prince Pricari, whose parents ruled a smaller tribe. Earlier, Pricari used Rahdu's horn to transform a breaking rope bridge into gold in order to save the Smurfs, then fed Radhu special berries to renew his strength, a fact Tamar does not know. Tamar sent Azoul along with his gorillas to capture the young rhino and they succeeded, also capturing Brainy Smurf whom Azoul turned into gold using Rhadu's horn as a bonus gift. Tamar used Rahdu to carry on his parents' task, turning his palace objects into gold, which threatened the rhino calf's health as it had his parents. When Handy Smurf and Clumsy Smurf, along with Pricari and two of his other pet animals, Cubby the lion cub and Stretch the baby giraffe, went to rescue Rahdu and Brainy from Tamar, he captured them all except for Pricari. But Pricari rescued the Smurfs and his animals later, including all the golden rhinos, using one of his clever inventions. Soon there was a boat chase as Tamar, Azoul, and the gorillas tried to prevent Pricari and the others from escaping. He almost succeeded as Pricari’s ship was wrecked. Unfortunately for Tamar, he and his own boat sank into the ocean as the rhinos turned it into gold.