Smurfette impersonating "The Scream"

It truly disgusts me how the feminists are tarnishing the Smurfs' good name.

Naming a cruel and unfortunate occurance after a beloved character only serves to associate those bad things with that innocent character.

I thought that feminists were supossed to look out for their fellow women. Instead, they point the finger at Smurfette and use her as a scapegoat.

Most of them don't even know her. They don't know how strong-willed and clever she is. They don't know that Gardening is her special talent in the village, not her feminity. Vanity is much more feminine than she is.

Some feminists will twist anything to suit their exagerated opinion. The Smurfs series actually pandered to them, with Smurfette being very different in nature from Peyo's original Smurfette in the comics. Smurfette was always right, she was never shown as manipulative or stupid. The writers even added a tomboy, Sassette, to the main cast. She was glorified all the time, as well. Pollit's contrived ideas of the "Principle" in practice describe that it ignores girls in the audience, says they can only be prissy and pretty, that they are peripheral, on the sidelines, and don't matter. Smurfette, out of all the smurfs, was in the limelight most often. And she probably had the most well-rounded personality. She was greedy in Smurfette's Sweet Tooth, clumsy in Smurfette's Dancing Shoes, as well as kind-hearted, logical, emotional, balanced, funny, fond of animals and nature, hard-working, and optimistic.

And yet, they want more. They are never satisfied. They probably want her to be a gym teacher.

I am proud to say that I hate Katha Pollit. I do not normally hate people, but muddying the Smurfs' image is an unforgivable crime. The "Socialist Men Under a Red Father" stuff is a joke, no one takes those communist theories seriously. But the "Principle" is brought up in every single feminist circle. That is its only name. And with each brazen use, it is making us, and our smurfs, out to be villians.

I feel my stomach do a somersault every time I see Smurfette's name next to the word Principle.

Avoid "wimmin's studies" types whenever you can, Vic. They will only confuse you, frustrate you, and cause you immeasurable grief. Sadly, I end up bumping into them often, both online and at university. If they bring up the "Principle", I always show them the Females catagory on this fine wiki, to enlighten them. "Look!" I say. "Look at all the girls. There are all the girls you could want. It's like a bordello!" I tell them to find a new scapegoat, like Miss Piggy. Or Dr. Suess... His books are stupid, ugly, and girl-less.

Why do people keep making up new excuses to hate the Smurfs? Why is it so controversial? Do people just love to complain?

Velvety Vanity (talk) 08:08, August 25, 2012 (UTC)

I personally feel this article belongs as a commentary on this wikia, along with the Bechdel Test, since these are legitimate complaints about the Smurfs. I do feel the feminists have a right to complain about children's entertainment if it's not doing anything but continuing to perpetuate the social mindset that women exist only in relation to men and should be nothing more than sex objects, home makers, and baby factories. One can be a fan of the Smurfs and still not like what it features, such as Peyo having Papa Smurf with an amorous interest in Smurfette which most people would find rather squicky and inappropriate for children's entertainment. This is why I write Smurfs fanfiction and why I don't write men, including male Smurfs, as pure shining examples of malehood, but rather as characters with their own set of faults that they must learn to overcome, such as the idea that the world has the kiss the feet of a man in any form. This is why even Peyo Studios would go so far as to create a story like "The Great Smurfette", to address the idea that female characters do have something to say about their lives other than they're just pretty faces for the boys. This is why I like how the movie interpreted Smurfette better than how the cartoon show interpreted her. So please don't tell me how I should think as a man, because I don't kiss the hind end of how the world thinks I should think as a man. (Vic George (talk) 09:06, August 25, 2012 (UTC))

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