OccupationMalakov's pet
First AppearanceSeason 7
UniverseCartoon Show
Smurfs Village

Cartoon IconSmurfs Village Icon

Talbot is a character who appears in the cartoon show episode "I Was A Brainy Weresmurf". He is a snake who is the pet of Malakov the circus show master. In the episode, his master Malakov has captured one of the wolves in the Smurf Forest and eventually captures Brainy after he has been turned into a Weresmurf. When the Smurfs with the help of a mother wolf seek after Brainy and rescue the father wolf who was held captive, Talbot helped capture the Smurfs and his master put them into the same cage as Brainy, hoping that he as the Weresmurf would tear them apart. However, after the Smurfs successfully reasoned with Brainy to show that they were still his friends, Brainy the Weresmurf turned against Malakov and Talbot and chased them away.

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