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Title Translation of
Sweepy Smurf
FrenchLe Schtroumpf ramoneur
GermanKamini Schlumpf
ItalianPuffo spazzacamino
DutchDe Veegsmurf

"Sweepy Smurf" is an episode that appears in Season 6 of the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot summary

The story starts with Smurfette complaining about her sunflowers not growing, while Painter is painting Vanity's portrait. Soon The Smurflings pass by holding a ladder, and as Vanity asks what they are up to, they tells them that they are helping Sweepy Smurf. When Painter and Vanity hear Sweepy is coming, they quickly hide under a tarp, but Smurfette is not so lucky and gets covered in soot.

Sweepy approaches The Smurflings and tells them that he won't be needing a ladder for this job, runs and uses his extended brush to jump on top of Grouchy's house. The Smurflings watch in awe and say they want to be like Sweepy when they grow up. Sweepy jumps in Grouchy's chimney and covers a reading Grouchy in soot. Sweepy comes out of Grouchys house while Grouchy complains about being covered in soot. The Smurflings are shocked at Grouchy's rudeness, but Sweepy says he is used to it. Nat couldn't believe the other Smurfs would treat his that way. Sweepy tells them in other parts of the world a sweeps handshake is considered good luck.

Sweeepy Smurf

Sweepy sees Greedy's chimney is smoking up and says he better give it a sweep. In his house, Greedy is showing Papa Smurf his new smurfberry frosting. Sweepy calls Greedy from the top of the chimney, Greedy covers his cupcakes and tells Sweepy to wait, but Sweepy misunderstands and comes down. Greedy almost loses his temper before Papa Smurf stops him by telling him how important Sweepy is in the village. Sweepy says he should clean Greedys stove pipe, but this time Greedy does lose his temper and shouts at Sweepy to get out. The Smurflings watches Greedy shouting at Sweepy from his window, and feel sorry for their grimey friend. Then Sassette has an idea to make the Smurfs respect Sweepy.

Sometimes later, Smurfette and Sassette are at Sweepy's house, and Smurfette shakes his hand. While Snappy and Slouchy put a sunflower in Smurfette's garden. As the two smurfettes arrives back at her house, Smurfette is shocked when she sees the sunflower in her garden. Painter is also surprised and Sassette tells him it is because she shook Sweepy's hand. However Handy dosen't believe it, so The Smurflings have an idea to make him believe it.
Shaking hands

Smurfette shaking Sweepy's hand

While Handy is building a ladder, Snappy unties one of the supports which makes Handy fall. And when Sweepy passes by, Handy shakes his hand, which confuses Sweepy as the Smurfs never believed in his handshake before. Nat points out Farmer's smurfberry bush dosen't have any smurfberries. Handy recommends Sweepy's handshake. Nat agrees with Handy, so Farmer agrees as well. When he does so, Slouchy and Snappy glue some smurfberries on the bush.

Greedy's looking for his smurfberries so Sassette tells him to shake Sweepy's hand, but Greedy says he will never do that. But when Sassette bribes him with a smurfberry bar he agrees. Farmer sees the smurfberries on the bush, but when he leaves Snappy, Slouchy and Nat take the glued smurfberries off the bush.

Greedy is looking for the smurfberries The Smurflings took, and when he's not looking the smurfberries are put back and when he sees them he believes in Sweepy's lucky handshake. All the Smurfs are lined up to shake Sweepy's hand. The Smurflings are relieved that the Smurfs now respect Sweepy. And think they would deserve a break, but they had been asked by Papa to mind Baby, which they hesitate - but agree.

Painter is painting Smurfette's sunflowers and thanks Sweepy's handshake, but then the sunflower starts to wilt and
Poor sweepy

poor Sweepy

Smurfette realises that it never took root. And Farmer realises the smurfberries on his bush are gone. (which was covered in glue) Painter gets suspicious. Vanity offers to hold Handy's ledder, but he refuses since he shook Sweepy's hand. But the ladder breaks and Handy falls. Both of them wonder why Sweepy's luck didn't work.

In Greedys house, some Smurfs are complaining about their luck, and blame Sweepy. Greedy backs Sweepy up, but takes it back when his pie is not "simply fabulous". At that moment, Sweepy comes in to clean Greedy's stove pipe, but Greedy throws a piece of pie at him and tells him that he will never let Sweepy in his house again. As Sweepy asks why, Greedy explains he is bad luck and kicks Sweepy out, now he is even more confused than ever.

The Smurflings are playing with Baby, and then notice Sweepy looking gloomy. They ask what's wrong, and he explains no smurf wants anything to do with him. The Smurfling wonder what went wrong, and they all went off to find out, leaving Baby behind. In Greedy's house, Handy is closing up his chimney to stop Sweepy coming in, while Baby slips into the house. Greedy locks his door (with Baby still inside) and offers to "Sweepy-proof" his house.

A couple of embers start to light Greedy's house on fire. The Smurflings are explaining to Papa Smurf of what they did, Papa tells them that spreading a superstitions isn't a good idea. But as Sweepy explains that the only Smurfs that like him now are The Smurflings and Baby, The Smurflings realised they forgot about Baby.

All the Smurfs are trying to put out Greedy's fire. Baby starts crying inside, so the Smurfs outside can hear. All the doors and windows are locked, so they can't get in. Fortunately Sweepy uses his brush to jump to the top of Greedy's chinmey, and breaks the wood blocking it. Sweepy then grabs Baby in his hands, and opens the window. As the house is about to collapse, Sweepy hands Baby to Smurfette, and jumps out to safety. Greedy felt shocked that his house had been on fire, which Papa tells him which is pretty much worse. Although Baby have been safed in Smurfette's hands, thanks to Sweepy's heroic actions.

Later the Smurfs now realised how wrong they were to blame Sweepy, and all shake his hand because he has become a hero.

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