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Title Translation of
Swapping Smurfs
FrenchLe Puits aux échanges
GermanDie tauschenden Schlümpfe
ItalianLo stregone del pozzo
DutchDe Ruilsmurfen

"Swapping Smurfs" is a Season 7 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

It is Smurfer Upper Day in the Smurf Village, and all throughout every Smurf is busy doing work on their own homes as well as each others trying to fix them up...all except for Lazy, who was busy sleeping until a pounding outside wakes him up and creates a hole in the wall. Hefty comes by and says that Lazy has a hole in his pillow, and Handy comes over to fix the hole in Lazy's wall, reminding him what day it is. Lazy suddenly remembers and sees that it's a day he needs to go and hide from work, so he leaps through the hole in the wall and thanks Handy for reminding him as he carries his pillow out into the forest with him. Handy tells Lazy that he should have Tailor fix the hole in his pillow.

Too Happy Smurfs

Uh-oh...these Smurfs look just a little too happy!

Hoping to find a nice place for some peace and quiet to rest, Lazy goes behind some bushes in the forest and sees a water well that he thinks is the perfect place for him to doze off, that nobody can find him there. He plants his pillow near the well and goes to sleep, but no sooner does he start falling asleep is he then awakened by the noise of something stirring within the well and a voice saying, "Well-come, my noisy little Smurf". Lazy asks who it is, and the voice answers that it is the Magic Swapping Well, saying today is his lucky day because he can give the well something old that will be exchanged for something brand spanking new. Lazy sees his torn pillow and asks if he could send it down the well. The well asks Lazy the remove the boards that are covering its mouth, and after that is done, Lazy places his old pillow in the bucket and lowers it down into the well. A powerful blast and a bit of fireworks knocks Lazy on his seat as he wonders what is going on, and the well tells him to relax, that it is simply replacing Lazy's pillow. Then Lazy is told to bring up the bucket, and as he does, he sees that he has a brand new pillow with a completely different design. Lazy thanks the well for the new pillow and asks if he could bring his fellow Smurfs over so that they could swap their old junk for new items. The well says that they are more than welcome to come, so Lazy tells the well not to go away as he races off to tell his fellow Smurfs about the Magic Swapping Well. Out of earshot, the well says to itself that it has waited years for this moment, as it lets out a laugh.

A little later, Smurfette, Vanity, and Greedy are bringing in a basket of berries that they have collected on Smurfer Upper Day when they trip over Lazy and spill the berries on the ground. Smurfette angrily asks Lazy why he isn't doing any chores on Smurfer Upper Day, and Lazy says that he's been at a magic well that lets him swap old things for new things. The three Smurfs scoff at Lazy's claim of a magic well even as Lazy shows them the new pillow he got from the well, but soon they follow him back to that location where they see (and hear) that the well talks, welcoming its new visitors and asking for anything they can send down the well that they can swap. Smurfette looks at her old well-worn shoes and wonders if she could swap them for a new pair, so she has Lazy put them into the bucket and lower them down into the well. Some fireworks later Lazy brings the bucket back up and Smurfette sees she now has a new pair of jewel-studded shoes to wear. Greedy and Vanity also want to give the Magic Swapping Well a try and so Greedy throws his spatula into the bucket and Vanity his mirror, and soon they are swapped out for a glittering new spatula and mirror. Smurfette says that they should be getting back to their Smurfer Upper Day chores, but Lazy says why would they need to "smurfer up" anything when they could simply exchange old things for new.

Soon news of the Magic Swapping Well spreads to the entire village, with Tailor being the first to be told that he doesn't need to fix anybody's clothes and stuff anymore because the well can swap out all old things for new. A group of Smurfs gather at the well, eager to try it out for themselves. Grandpa Smurf tosses in his old walking stick, Snappy tosses in his ball, and Hefty throws in a set of barbells, and soon they are exchanged for brand new versions. As Lazy heads away from the well, saying that swapping has become more tiresome than doing Smurfer Upper Day chores, Sassette looks at the well with some reservation about swapping anything of hers that she loves. Hefty is eager to show Sassette the benefits of the well, so he takes her old Smurfy Lou doll and tosses it into the bucket against her wishes. Soon it comes back out of the well as a brand new talking doll, which makes Sassette so upset as the new doll just isn't the same as her old doll. Hefty realizes how much she loved the old doll, and Grandpa Smurf says that they should have the well exchange the new doll for the old one. However, the well isn't willing to give Sassette back her old doll, not unless the Smurfs are willing to give it Papa Smurf's Smurfy Book Of Spells, which Grandpa Smurf adamantly refuses to hand over.

The elderly Smurf decides to get to the bottom of the well and get Sassette's doll back himself, and so he, Hefty, and Snappy get into the bucket and get lowered into the well, where at the bottom they see loads of old junk just lying around. But then a powerful blast comes from inside the well, and the Smurfs on the surface fear the worst as they hear laughter, so they bring up the bucket and see that Grandpa Smurf, Hefty, and Snappy look like they've been hypnotized with their hats standing straight up. More discomforting is the way they are now talking, constantly emphasizing the words "wonderful" and "well".

Papa Smurf looks around the village and sees that every Smurf has forsaken their Smurfer Upper Day chores, leaving him wondering where they could be now. Sassette comes and tells Papa Smurf that they are all gathered at the Magic Swapping Well. This seems very familiar to Papa Smurf, who goes to see the Smurfs who are now looking at the three Smurfs who were hypnotized by the well. He tells the rest of his little Smurfs to go back to the village at once and never come back to the well, and then addresses the entity behind the Magic Swapping Well as the Well Wizard, whom he says Papa Smurf has trapped him in the well for a hundred years and is now plotting his revenge. Papa Smurf tells the wizard he is glad to have gotten to the well before the he had time to work his evil ways, but the Well Wizard has only started to work his evil ways with his three Smurf minions under his spell.

All throughout the night, the three hypnotized Smurfs lure the others to the well with promises of "wonderful" things they can find down the well. Some even carry Smurfs are still sleeping to the well, saying that they will come out feeling "wonderful". By morning, Papa Smurf, Sassette, and Lazy wake up to find that most of the other Smurfs have now been put under the Well Wizard's hypnotic spell. After a very short breakfast, the three unhypnotized Smurfs go to Papa Smurf's laboratory to see what they can do to break the hypnotic spell, only to find that the laboratory has been ransacked with most of the books gone, taken by the hypnotized Smurfs and sent down the well. However, the Well Wizard is still not pleased that he doesn't have Papa Smurf's Smurfy Book Of Spells yet, and so he sends the Smurfs back into the village to find the book, warning them not to fail him or else.

Papa Smurf opens up a trapdoor in the floor of his laboratory, revealing it to be the secret location of his Smurfy Book Of Spells, which he is trying to keep out of the hands of the Well Wizard. But now the hypnotized Smurfs have surrounded the laboratory and are trying to break in to get their hands on the book. As Lazy and Sassette barricade the door and seal themselves in, Papa Smurf explains to Sassette why the Well Wizard wants the book: he was the most ruthless sorcerer in the land who used his evil magic to trap his victims in his well, and in order to save the village Papa Smurf trapped the wizard within his own well. To escape, the Well Wizard needs to find the spell that sealed him in there, so Papa Smurf casts a spell on the book so to make it impossible for the Well Wizard to find that particular spell. Soon it gets really difficult to keep the hypnotized Smurfs from barging into the laboratory, but then Papa Smurf has Lazy and Sassette to allow them entry, saying that he has the book that the Well Wizard is looking for and things will be "wonderful", which makes the other Smurfs cheer.

At the well, the Smurfs place the Smurfy Book Of Spells into the bucket and lower it down for the Well Wizard to receive. Brainy then says how "wonderful" it would be for Papa Smurf to join them, and so some of the hypnotized Smurfs carry Papa Smurf to the well to have him become hypnotized. Lazy and Sassette try to keep the other Smurfs from bringing Papa Smurf into the well, but they are totally outnumbered. Fortunately, Papa Smurf saves himself by warning the Well Wizard about the green page in the book, saying that it contains a spell so powerful that no wizard on earth has the means to control it. The Well Wizard sees that the green page contains the very spell he is looking for to free himself from the well, but as he tries to cast it, a whirlwind comes out of the well and sucks up all the hypnotized Smurfs into the well. The Well Wizard sees that he has been tricked again, and Papa Smurf, Lazy, and Sassette run for cover as Papa Smurf tells Sassette that the Well Wizard has made his last swap. Soon the Smurfs come flying out of the well, back to their old regular selves, and a big rock comes flying out of the well's shaft before it crashes down over the hole, sealing the well for good.

With the Smurfs freed from the Well Wizard's hypnotic spell, they begin to wonder what had happened. Papa Smurf says that it's a long story about the wizard who got too greedy for his good, and about learning to appreciate the old as well as the new. At the story's end, Sassette finally gets her old Smurfy Lou doll back and cuddles it.


  • Hefty's heart tattoo can be seen on both his arms at the same time in this episode.
  • Papa Smurf's pants appear white in one scene of this episode.


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