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Title Translation of
SpanishSúper Pitufo
ItalianSuper Puffo
DutchDe Supersmurf
You may also be looking for the character that goes by this name.

"Supersmurf" was an episode that appeared in Season 1 of the Smurfs cartoon show.


Supersmurf Attack

No more mild-mannered Brainy Smurf...from now on, it's Supersmurf!

It is a peaceful day in the Smurf Village -- though Brainy ends up disrupting that peace by rudely waking Lazy up from his sleep to offer his wisdom about sleeping, walking all over the flowers Grouchy was watering to offer his wisdom about cheerfulness, and causing Hefty to bop his own head with the punching bag to offer his wisdom about strengthening his mind as well as his muscles. In all three cases, Brainy's disruptions result in his feeling the wrath of his fellow Smurfs as he got catapulted elsewhere or got watered on. Brainy goes off to wander around in the forest, wondering how he's going to get the respect of his fellow Smurfs, when he bumps into a sleeping Bigmouth, waking him up. As Brainy runs back to the village warning his fellow Smurfs about Bigmouth approaching the village, the ogre makes his way to the food storage house and takes all he can get of the Smurfs' winter supply. Papa Smurf boldly tries to tell Bigmouth to put the food back, but fearfully runs out of the way before the ogre gives the village leader a foot stomp. As Bigmouth leaves with the food supply, Papa Smurf says that the first snow is due any day, and if the Smurfs don't restock very soon, they're going to go hungry this winter.

Now Brainy is blaming himself for leading Bigmouth straight to the village, saying that no Smurf will respect him now -- unless he becomes real strong and somehow gets the food back from Bigmouth. This inspires Brainy to do some workouts at the gym, hoping that he'll get strong enough to show that he has brawn as well as brains. However, all he gets from his workouts is nothing more than exhaustion, as he realizes that it would take more exercise than his body could handle. He decides to go to Papa Smurf's laboratory in order to find something that would give him the strength he needs, and so at night he quietly sneaks into the laboratory and looks through all of his books, finding nothing until he comes across one stored away in a chest, a book of strength formulas. Brainy is pleased when he finds a formula that would give him strength far beyond that of a normal being, and proceeds to make it up.

After completing the formula, Brainy sprinkles it upon himself, and then tries to lift up a heavy barbell, only to find himself still weak. He at that point believes it is just no use and proceeds to leave the house when suddenly the formula's effects kick in. He opens the door only to pull it right off its hinges, which makes Brainy go back to the barbell to try lifting it again, this time tossing it right through the roof with ease. Leaving a note by the door, Brainy goes off with his newfound strength powers in order to show his fellow Smurfs that he can do something right for a change -- by getting their food supply back from Bigmouth.

Later on, Papa Smurf reads the note on the door, noting that it was signed "Brainy Supersmurf". Fearing the worst, he enters the house and sees his book on strength formulas lying on the floor. He finds out that Brainy has used one of them to make himself super-strong, but the effects of the formula only last for two hours. Fearing for Brainy's life, Papa Smurf takes some Smurfs with him to go after him before he confronts Bigmouth.

Meanwhile, Brainy as Supersmurf is now seen wearing a cape, trying to get a handle on his power of flight until he finally succeeds to do so with ease. He soon finds Bigmouth's house down below, and swoops down to a window where he sees the ogre unloading his stolen goods onto a table. Brainy calls out to Bigmouth and tells him that the food belongs to the Smurfs. Bigmouth tries to squash Brainy, but he misses as Brainy quickly flies out of the way, saying that the ogre's got to be faster than that. He tries to flatten Brainy again, but this time he grabs Bigmouth and sends him flying across the room toward his bed, demolishing it as he lands. Now the ogre is really mad!

As Papa Smurf and his team of little Smurfs get closer to Bigmouth's house, they hear a violent scuffle going on, assuming that Brainy is the one getting beat upon, and then they see Bigmouth get tossed out of his house and into a mud puddle. Soon Brainy emerges triumphant, carrying the sack of the stolen food over his head, pleased about how he bested the big ogre. Papa Smurf tries to tell Brainy about the effects of the formula, but suddenly Smurfette sees Bigmouth coming straight for them, looking very angry. Papa Smurf says that they should get out of there with their food, but Brainy is insistent on teaching Bigmouth a lesson as he carries the sack of food toward the big ogre. Then Papa Smurf sees that the effects of the formula are now wearing off, as Brainy finds that the sack is now too big and heavy for him to carry. Bigmouth chuckles as he sees how weak Brainy has become and kicks him and all the other Smurfs away as he takes the sack back into his house. As Brainy is given angry stares by the other Smurfs, he tries to assure them that winter is still a week away until he sees a dark stormy cloud blocking out the sun and then sheepishly says that they could have an early winter.

As snow begins to fall, Papa Smurf ponders on what to do while Brainy tries to tell them what he could do if he had more of the super-strength formula when the other Smurfs plainly tell Brainy to shut up. Papa Smurf tells Brainy that the super-strength formula causes more problems than it solves. Hefty then sees Bigmouth unloading the sack of food, ready to help himself with it, when Smurfette decides to try something of her own to stop him. She goes over to the big ogre and tries using her alluring charm and her pleas for sympathy to win his heart over to giving the Smurfs' food back, but he ends up blowing her off (quite literally), sending her flying back into the forest. Both Hefty and Brainy fight over who's going to catch Smurfette when Papa Smurf does the heroic deed, who is rewarded with a kiss while the two would-be rescuers just look at each other.

Some time passes, and Greedy's getting hungry while Vanity's getting cold, and Papa Smurf is out of ideas of how to get their food back. Then Brainy has an idea which he shares the village leader. Soon, as Bigmouth is preparing to eat mud soup, the Smurfs sneak into his house and exchange their stolen food supply with a bag full of rocks, which at first leaves Bigmouth wondering what happened as he empties the bag, but then he starts eating the rocks as he dips them in his slime sauce. The other Smurfs chuckle as they watch Bigmouth enjoy eating rocks instead of their food, while Papa Smurf tells Brainy the rocks were a "smurfy idea". But when Brainy tries to exalt himself by saying that his mind wins out over matter every time, the other Smurfs decide to give him their usual demonstration of his "power of flight"!