OccupationSmurfette's Pet
Voice ActorFrank Welker
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon IconSmurfs Village Icon

Squeaky was a little mouse and Smurfette's pet who was so named because he made squeaky noises. His only appearance was in the episode "Squeaky".

He was found sick by Smurfette and was taken to Papa Smurf, who managed to cure him. He and Smurfette had some good moments together until it was the time to go back in the forest, but for Smurfette's happiness he decided to stay with her. On the last night of his life, a fire was started at Papa Smurf's house which Squeaky had noticed and awoke Smurfette to alert her of.

Squeaky also helped to save the Smurf Village from the fire. However, the next morning, Smurfette told Papa Smurf about Squeaky never waking up. Papa Smurf checked on him and confirmed that he was dead, which all the Smurfs (especially Smurfette) had mourned. At the end of the story, Jokey gave her a new mouse to be her new pet which she loved, despite the fact that it was never seen or mentioned again.

Despite being male in the original version, Squeaky (Piskusia) is female in the polish version (or maybe the term "mouse" is feminine in poland)

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