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Title Translation of
Spelunking Smurfs
FrenchLa caverne des Schtroumpfs
SpanishLa gran sequía
GermanDie Hohlenforscher
ItalianPuffi speleologi
DutchDe onderaardse Smurfen

"Spelunking Smurfs" is a Season 1 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


Spelunking Smurfs

The Smurfs check out the frozen food section in a deep cave.

It is a very hot day for the Smurfs as a group of them return to the village, weary from searching for food and finding none during such a blistering dry spell that has left their fields barren. Meanwhile, Vanity and Clumsy are out in the forest searching for food when a squirrel that overhears the two Smurfs talking offers them an acorn. Though they both refuse the acorn at first, telling the squirrel that he has little ones to take care of, the squirrel insists, and so they take it. The two Smurfs are contemplating eating "their share" of the acorn as they race back to the village with it when Clumsy trips over a tree root, causing the acorn to fall into a hole next to another tree. Chasing after the fallen acorn, Clumsy drops into the hole himself and finds the acorn lying next to an opening underground with something glowing from beyond.

In Gargamel's castle, the evil wizard and his cat Azrael are also out of food and so have to make do with eating slime soup, which both of them try and find difficult to digest, to say the least. Throwing out the pot of soup, Gargamel sinks to the floor in despair, saying that that soup was the last bit of food left in the forest. But then Gargamel remembers that there are "little blue bon-bons" called Smurfs in the forest, which makes Azrael lick his lips in anticipation of eating, and so he and his cat set off into the forest to catch them, seeing that they would be easy to catch in their weakened conditions.

Meanwhile, Vanity joins Clumsy down in the hole that leads them to an underground cave where, to their surprise, they find more than just the acorn -- they find piles of food just waiting for them to collect, all of it frozen. The two Smurfs head back to the village where they relay this information to Papa Smurf, who then tells his little Smurfs to gather picking tools and containers to bring with them. As they cheerfully gather their equipment, Papa Smurf strokes his beard in thought, wondering where he had heard about this cave of frozen food before.

Out in the forest, Gargamel is busy searching for Smurfs with his cat Azrael when he gets beaned in the head by an acorn. He then sees a pair of squirrels in a nearby tree and shakes it violently, causing a small pile of acorns to rain down on him. He goes over to shake another tree, only to cause a bear to drop out of that tree and right on top of him! He and Azrael quickly duck into a hollowed tree, which the bear shakes angrily before he goes away. Gargamel decides that, for his health and Azrael's, they are better off trying to catch Smurfs.

Speaking of whom, they are now in the cave where the frozen food is found and have started picking their way at the ice, wanting to get their hands on the food encased in it, when Clumsy finds the toe of some creature sticking out. Suddenly Papa Smurf remembers: there was an ancient Smurf legend of an ogre who stole all the Smurfs' food, that, because of his selfishness, was frozen in the cave along with the food. The only way they can get to the food now, according to the legend, is if the sun shines on the enchanted diamond that is also in the cave with the food. As to how to get the sun to shine in the cave onto that diamond, Handy comes up with an idea. Taking Vanity's mirror, the mechanic Smurf plants it outside the cave near the hole in the ground, directing a beam of sunlight to shine into the cave.

Meanwhile, Gargamel and Azrael are frustrated that their search for Smurfs in the forest has come up with nothing, and as they head back to their castle, Gargamel's foot drops into the same hole in the ground that the Smurfs discovered. The evil wizard also notices a Smurf-sized mirror near the hole, which means that there must be Smurfs in the cave as well. Eager to get his hands on them, Gargamel wriggles his way into the hole to find the Smurfs with Azrael following behind him.

The Frozen Ogre

Did we order an ogre with our frozen food?

As the terrible twosome crawl through the cave, they see a beam of sunlight being reflected off more mirrors along their path. Handy is now directing Smurfette who has the last mirror to move the reflected beam right onto the diamond, which she eventually does. As the light hits the diamond, it changes colors before glowing a deep red, and soon the ice melts from around the food. The Smurfs cheer at this sight, with Greedy saying that that night they'll eat like Smurfs. Gargamel enters the cavern and also sees the food that he wants to get his hands on as well as the diamond. The Smurfs are ready to leave with their loads of food when they run into the evil wizard waiting for them. Papa Smurf warns Gargamel to get out of their way or else a bigger surprise awaits him. Gargamel refuses to heed the warning, saying that all the food now belongs to him, including the diamond and the Smurfs whom he will have for dessert. But soon the ogre awakens and approaches Gargamel in a very threatening manner for taking all his food. Gargamel fearfully redirects the ogre's anger toward the Smurfs before he and Azrael quickly scoot out of the cavern, causing the ogre to miss as he pounces on them.

The Smurfs are shaking in fear as the ogre now turns his attention on them, blocking their way out of the cave, when Papa Smurf bravely addresses him, telling him to remember what happened the last time he was selfish. Not wanting to repeat that mistake, the ogre decides to share his food instead, and in addition to that, he gives the Smurfs the diamond to take with them, saying that it gave him the chills!

As the Smurfs try to safely sneak their way back to the village without being spotted by Gargamel, they find themselves trapped within a hollowed log and then emptied out into a net held by the evil wizard himself. As he takes the diamond from Papa Smurf's grasp, the village leader warns Gargamel that it doesn't tolerate selfishness. But Gargamel doesn't heed the warning, saying that the diamond is now his along with the Smurfs that he captured. Suddenly the diamond changes from deep red to icy blue, and soon icicles form around the wizard and his cat. He tosses the diamond out of his hand and drops the net that contains the captured Smurfs, but an ice block still forms around him and Azrael. Papa Smurf then tells Gargamel not to worry, and that when the sun strikes the diamond, everything will turn back to normal.

At that instant, though, sounds of thunder can be heard over the forest. Papa Smurf then sees a dark storm cloud covering the sun, which means that rain is coming. The Smurfs rejoice in that the drought is now over, but Gargamel and Azrael aren't happy to hear from Smurfette that it could take days for the sun to come back out. All Papa Smurf can say to that is, "isn't it smurfy!"


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