Sophie Karamazout
OccupationGrade School student (Junior high at the end of the series)
Voice ActorNot applicable
First AppearanceSpirou Magazine

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Uh oh! Very Smurfy Non-canon warning: This article or section contains non-canonical information that is not considered to be an official part of either the Smurfs Franco-Belgian comic book series or the Smurfs cartoon show series and should not be considered part of the overall storyline of either.

Sophie Karamazout is the main character of the "Sophie" series created by Jidéhem which ran from the 1960's until 1994 in Spirou Magazine. She is a cute, funny and brave little girl who loves having fun.

Sophie meets the Smurfs in "Cette Sacrée Sophie" ("That Spunky Sophie") the 12th album of her series during Christmas time when it is revealed that the Smurfs have survived in time travel into the modern age. It is also revealed that a modern day descendant of Gargamel is still chasing them.


Headstrong and a total happy-go-lucky tomboy, Sophie was based on Jidéhem's own daughter. Sophie is a young girl who lives with her father who is an inventor and goes through all kinds of adventures.  Her mother is never seen.


Sophie playing

Sophie was playing in the fields in her summer dress.

In the duration of her series, she is most often seen with her black hair tied up with two red bows. She wears a summer outfit, which she wears a straw hat with a ribbion, a little white dress with puffed sleeves and a ribbion, white bloomers, white tight stockings and black shoes.

Sophie and the Smurfs

In this story Sophie and a friend of hers called Bert observe as the neighborhood bully is shooting rocks with a catapult at garden ornaments, mostly at statues of Gnomes when all of a sudden after shooting a rock at a Smurf statue depicting Jokey Smurf the boy is surprised to have the statue shout at him. Sophie thinks the Smurf is a cutest thing. Jokey calls him a Black Smurf and says that there's nothing funny about what the boy is doing, but to show him that it's all in good spirit he gives him a present, which explodes in his face. Afterwards a car stops at the house where Jokey had his encounter and two people step out - one of which calls himself Edgar Gamel claiming to be the decendant of the great wizard who was an authority on capturing smurfs. The other is a collector who wants a smurf to put on display in his freak show. They succeed in capturing Greedy Smurf.

Edgar Gamel

Edgar Gamel living up to his family tradition.

Having seen it happen Sophie and Bert seek contact with the other smurfs and tell them what's going on. Papa Smurf does a roll call by shouting, "DINNER'S READY!" and with nobody responding it is easily concluded that it is indeed Greedy Smurf, Edgar Gamel, and the collector captured. Sophie then comes up with a plan to free him, she asks if Jokey can make a really big exploding present with a special modification. Jokey responds with a "Sure can." and the plan is set in motion. Edgar Gamel and the collector meet up and Greedy Smurf is placed in the trunk of the car. After the two get in Sophie walks over to the driver's side with the package and says that she can't get it open and if the collector could give her a hand. The Collector, unable to resist the wishes of a little girl, complies, making the package explode and filling the car with itching powder.
Sophie Smurf 3

Don't Smurf with a handy little girl and an army of Smurfs

As this is going on, the Smurfs have baricaded the doors of the car so the collector and Edgar Gamel can't get out. Sophie then demands the car keys saying she'll let the both of them out after she liberated the Smurf. With not many options to choose from the Collector agrees.
Sophie smurf 2

A cause for celebration.

Sophie smurf 1

They are Smurfingly good those Smurfs.

Papa Smurf then invites Sophie and Bert along to the village where they will have a celebration in their honor prompting Grouchy Smurf to remark that he "hates celebrations."

Meanwhile at the car of the collector, the notified police have brought in an Ambulance ready to take the collector and Edgar Gamel to the asylum, since their constant talk about little blue men and their endless scratching makes it quite clear that they are crazy. As he's carried off by the medics Edgar Gamel swears his revenge on the Smurfs and Sophie.

Uh oh! Very Smurfy Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends here.

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