Sony Pictures Animation logo

The Sony Pictures Animation logo.

Sony Pictures Animation is a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment, founded in 2002, which produces computer-animated films.

Theatrical releases and shorts are distributed by Columbia Pictures (except for The ChubbChubbs Save X-Mas! which was distributed by TriStar Pictures instead), and direct-to-video releases are distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Sony Pictures Animation was created due to the success of ImageWorks' short animated film The ChubbChubbs!

The first feature film was Open Season which was released on September 29, 2006 and distributed by Columbia Pictures. The Sony Pictures Animation logo seen at the beginning of their films features original music composed by James Newton Howard.

Its most successful movie to date so far is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Sony Pictures Animation is the producer of The Smurfs movie, along with its sequel. The third film was set to be developed, but shelved and replaced with the reboot film for 2017 called Smurfs: The Lost Village.

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