CreatorNaturally-found object
First AppearanceSeason 1 ("The Abominable Snowbeast")

Cartoon Icon

A snowflower is a type of flower that only grows in cold snowy areas and only blooms once a year. Its pollen is used to heal swelling causes by injuries. The Smurfs were sent to retrieve snowflower pollen in the episode "The Abominable Snowbeast" when Brainy and Clumsy had accidentally caused the last of the village's supply of snowflower pollen to be lost in the river. Papa Smurf believed that the plant itself was a one-of-a-kind, and when the snowflower the Smurfs had found had been snipped at its stem, it would be gone forever. Fortunately, the Snowbeast that the Smurfs had encountered had a whole garden of snowflowers growing in his cave.

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