Fake Smurf
The Fake Smurf as he appears in the story book The Fake Smurf

No Tail
Snorty Smurf as he appears in the cartoon show

Snorty Smurf
Also Known AsGargamel (comic books), Hogatha (cartoon)
GenderMale (comic books), female transformed into a male (cartoon)
RaceHuman transformed into Smurf
Voice ActorJanet Waldo
First AppearanceSeason 1 (single episode)
UniverseComic Books
1961 Cartoon Show
1981 Cartoon Show

Comics Icon1961 TV IconCartoon Icon

Snorty was the name of a fake Smurf that infiltrated the Smurf Village in "The Fake Smurf". "He" was really Hogatha, who planned to destroy the Smurfs from within their village by becoming one. Her physical impersonation of one, however, wasn't perfect -- she lacked a blue tail. By painting a pea blue and then putting glue on it to stick it to her rear end, her masquerade was complete. In one of her attempts to destroy the Smurfs by blowing up the Smurf river bridge using Jokey's surprises, she ended up being sent into the river when the surprises blew up during her crossing the bridge. As she got out of the water, though, her fake Smurf tail fell off, finally revealing herself to be the fake Smurf.

Although Hogatha used Papa Smurf's laboratory to create a formula to help her return to her real human form, it ended up making her Smurf-size and thus easy for the Smurfs to cast her out of the village.

In the original comic book version of "The Fake Smurf", it was Gargamel who transformed himself into a fake Smurf with no tail. He had no name for himself the entire time that he masqueraded as a Smurf and was only referred to as "the fake Smurf" near the story's end. He sabotaged the bridge by cutting the ropes that supported it instead of placing explosives under it. In the adaptation that was part of the French-only "Les Aventures des Schtroumpfs" production, his sabotage was in the form of weakening its supports with an axe.

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